We just can't seem to get enough of Google Glass.

The vistas of this technology is so compelling that thinking about it in strictly technological bracket is fast outpacing the imagination of digital artists.

In a interesting creation, The Verge website just went a step ahead to imagine how Google Glass would have looked had it been invented centuries back. They ran a "Photoshopped" series of historical figures with their Google glasses on.

So let's step back in time, to enjoy this spectacular show of technology and imagination come together.

Abraham Lincoln, President of USA

Alfred Hitchcock, Author and Film maker

John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles

Charlie Chaplin, Entertainer and actor

Che Guevara, Leftist leader

Herman Melville, Author

Indira Gandhi, Former Indian Prime Minister

John F Kennedy, President of USA

Orson Welles, American Actor

Hercule Poirot, Character of Agatha Christie's novels

The Pope

Rachel Carson, Environmental activist

Mark Twain,  poet and author

History fans or not, we hope that the collection was good enough.

Do stay tuned with us for more such interesting finds.
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