When it comes to Analytics, the only thing that comes to my mind is boring numbers and graphs and in fact most of us feel the same. But you can not rule out the fact that Analytics is a very important tool for any blog/website owner.

Well, it's not only the boringness of the Analytics that irks me but also the whole task of understanding them. It's one tough job!

In order to make Analytics fun Visual.ly has just released a new tool that converts your Google Analytics statics into infographics.

You can easily connect your Visual.ly account to your Google Analytics account. These infographics are weekly reports that help you review your blog/website's performance.

You can compare the percentage of new visitors to returning visitors, see your page visits and everything that you normally can see in your Google Analytics account. At the end of the infographic this tool even shows you the amount of traffic that you have received from Facebook, Twitter and other metrics.

The best thing about this tool is the change of color from blue to red, depending upon the changes in your traffic; good or bad.

According to Tal Siach, co-founder and CMO at Visual.ly, "As a website administrator myself, I wanted a tool that would provide key insights at a glance automatically, without me having to go to Google Analytics and wade through multiple screens to get what I needed, our infographic format was perfect for this. I knew that if I found it useful, others would too."

You'll receive the infographic each week in your inbox and thereon, you can easily share it with your colleagues and clients. You can even customize your infographic, if you want.

Here's a sample of how the infographic would look like. Have a look:


So what are you waiting for go on and try this tool and make your Google Analytics statistics interesting.

Do share your thoughts about this tool by Visual.ly in the comment section below.

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