"In the music business bigger is not necessarily better. In fact, I believe smaller is actually better." Chuck Kaye, Dreamworks

Today E-junkie brings for you an inspiring story of a local band who found their musical inspiration through sheer serendipity. It's a long story, so you just might need those extra patience rafters.

So the protagonists in our story are a small time, nascent Berlin-based Danish band called the "Efterklang". We, for sure had never heard of them. But exploring their musical journey since 2001 was certainly worth the effort. They have the looks of those old time country bands. Endearing certainly. But their music is very contemporary rest assured.

Creating a band, a successful one nonetheless, is almost similar to nurturing a business enterprise.

Efterklang was formed 2001 by three childhood buddies- Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg. With a few musical dabbles and shows under their belt, the band wanted to explore their potentials more.

And with Piramada- their 4th album they hit gold!

Back in 2010, the band mates saw this pictures of a ghost town- Spitsbergen, an island off Svalbard lying midway between Norway and the North Pole. In August 2011, dressed in survival suits and all their recording equipment loaded on a open boat, the band made a difficult 9 day journey braving odds- no human contact, polar bear threat and unfriendly climate.

Once a mining town owned by the Russians, Piramada is an abandoned territory. "The plan was to take recording equipment — mallets to bang on whatever they could find, microphones and flash recorders to document the noises they made — and return home with raw sound they could twist and turn into a new album" says Mads. The major reason to travel to such a quaint corner of the world was to tweak around with the world's northernmost grand piano that is housed in the town's concert hall.

However, what they discovered was an "innate musicality" unlike before. They found the instruments here totally incompatible with their genre of music.

The very absence of human population, the limited equipment and technology available is what led them to truly explore the opportunities to create a different degree of music, more in sync with natural sounds.

The trio went to abandoned warehouses,playgrounds, residences, courtyards, bounced off metal walls, crawled into pipes to sing...yada yada. Sure seems like a scene from celluloid but all of this is for real.

True to their name "Efterklang" which means after-sound or a reverbation, the random recordings they made here was taken back to Berlin to produce a neat cut album. Ofcourse, like Photoshop is to pictures, sound engineering technology smoothened out the rough ends before the final product was out for sale in September 2012. As a dedication to the place  that took their creativity to a new height, the band called their album "Piramida".

According to them Piramada is a "rare example of a conceptually strong project...It showcases a band superbly capable of transitioning its experiences".

So having shared their fantastic cover story, what can business leaders actually take out of this experience? Music and business got anything in common?

The supposed answer is to read between the lines. Here is our 4-piece wisdom pie for you all:

1.Inspiration: Every business is based on an innate inspiration. As a leader you should be asking questions like "why do I want to be in this business?" "What makes me different from others in the niche?"

Like this band, inspiration does not have any set boundaries or places to be found. At times it comes from self-motivation, at times you need to step out, breathe in the air and stumble upon things to take inspiration from.

2. Exploration: It may sound similar to the previous point. However, the small difference in this stage is that the thought/idea has been found. Businesses have to push themselves to the next level now. For start ups it could mean finding potential markets, clientele or investors to back up the projects, or upping the infrastructural standards. It could be anything big or small, doesn't matter, as long as you have something to work at!

3. Experimentation: Small businesses often shun from taking risks. But calculated risks have to be taken at timely intervals to make the much needed leap from being an SMB to a bigger production unit. In a social media-savvy world there is a lot of space to maneuver and try different strategies. Blogging is one under-explored area that can be capitalized on as well.

The trio, in their quest to explore their musical ambit, experimented with environment and voices alike. That's when a Piramada was born.

4. Projection: The three points stated before deal with cultivating an idea and taking it slowly forward. Projection is the actual manifestation of the ideas into profits, showing that the road taken is right.

For this small time band that dared to go beyond their comfort zone, releasing this album brought acclaim of unprecendented scale.

Do let us know your thoughts about such offbeat channels of inspiration for your business.

You can check out their music on their website.

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