Don't you just hate getting ready for work every morning?

Even if you own a closet as big as Carrie Bradshaw from the sitcom Sex And The City, you are always confused - "What to where, what not to wear?" But no more worries, at least not after 2050. Joshua Harris, a designer by profession has designed a Clothing Printer.

Currently, the Clothing Printer is just a concept but according to Joshua making our own clothes at home with less resources and in less time would become a necessity by 2050. As more and more people would migrate into the cities, the fashion trends would change and as a result people would start looking for new clothes.

Joshua come up with the concept of Clothing Printer in the 2010 for the Semifinals of the annual Electrolux design competition. Joshua explains, "The brief was to come up with a solution to deal with the rapid urbanization of the population that would begin to make drastic changes in how we live by 2050. With a team of designers, I helped create and conceptualize the concept for an in home, clothing printer that would bring clothing production into the home. The design would eliminate the need for closets, washing machines and dryers, thus saving space in the crowded urban environments of the future."

Now the main question - How is the Clothing Printer going to work?

The Clothing Printer would come with thread cartridges of different colors and you can use seven different cartridges at a time, that are placed inside the printer.

According to Joshua, fashion designers can make cartridges for their clothes and once the user buys the cartridge he can directly print them at home.

In case you are bored of a particular cloth, you can put it back into the printer and it would be broken down into threads, these threads would then get into the cartridge and can be used in future.

Well, though currently a concept but in case the Clothing Printer hits the market soon, it would make our lives easy and our clothes more manageable. Think about the endless possibilities!

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