The times are tough no doubt, when it comes to going job hunting especially.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reportedly presents us with data and numbers that is already known. However this 8.2% unemployed and 18% unemployment has a value beyond the numerical terms, as  it impacts the lives of many youngsters in the U.S. While many of them have degrees from reliable institutions, there is no job assurance that comes with it.

In an interesting analysis by Forbes.com, following a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the freshers out of college with a master's degree are having it tough in the job market. They probed-in to find the mid-career median pay of 35 popular college degrees to estimate the best and  worst ranked master's degree to grab jobs.

The analysis that unfolded was somewhat like this:

1. Despite adequate med schools across the U.S that give out the best education, those who wished to pursue physician assistantship were rare. Hence it is a high-in-demand degree that pays around $97,000.

2. In close race is the omnipotent computer science degree. Their need would never go out in this digital age. With a decent $109,000 , computer science was ranked sixth in the popularity charts in terms of income generation.

3. Following these two advance degrees are electrical engineering, physics and economics with a mid career pay of $110,000 while an M.B.A can surely land you with a six-figure salary.

4. The scope of degrees that are satisfying but pay lesser returns, is much much high. People who majored in Library & Information science, English, music or education earned a good enough $63,000 only.

5. The stereotypes still exist when students choose to go in for immediately accruing degrees rather than knowledge-based studies. Subjects like History, Biology and Chemistry still remain as "passion jobs" with slim prospects.

An eminent analyst quotes that "These may be the best and worst master’s degrees in terms of pay and employment opportunities, but it’s also important to think about work-life balance and employee satisfaction for the common jobs associated with these degrees".

The rat race will go on forever but it is important to choose wisely where one wants to venture into. As difficult as it may seem, in a age of web connectivity, youngsters are not exactly hard pressed for choices but rather an over-abundance of avenues has left them evaluating the benefits of the degree they want to pursue.

Degrees do not make leaders on their own. The real teacher in life is EXPERIENCE that tests an individual first and then teaches them a lesson rather than the other way round.

We at E-junkie uphold the idea of education and wish that our readers choose wisely, always. For those who do not make to a six-figure job at the top firms, our word of advise is to start up something of your own. Each individual is talented and gifted in one way or the other. Put your degree to use, take up a vocational course to start a small business of your own.

So go inspire yourself to become a productive citizen of society. Don't they say "First Learn, Then remove the L".

You can catch the whole list of the Best and Worst Masters degrees in the slideshow here.

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