Easter is just around the corner and the clock is ticking.

This year, Easter or Pasch falls on 31st March. As the legend has it, the day marks the resurrection of the Christ after his Crucifixion. The devout Christians follow a strict 40-day Lent fasting until the Good Friday.

For us however, the interesting part is the hosting of Easter parades, egg hunting sessions, the Easter Bunny rout!

More than its religious connotation, the month long follow up to Easter is a fun filled time for kids and families to bond nicely. And what better than art to gel together.
And when it comes to decorating the Easter eggs, mothers have a tough day coming up with creative ideas every year to whip that perfect Easter craft for the kids.

While the kids don't really understand the significance or the hush hush surrounding Easter, parents can actually use the craft-session qualitatively to teach the child what the lasting legend is all about.

In the U.S, the Easter Bunny is probably as popular as the Santa Claus is during Christmas. The handing out of hard-boiled colored eggs or candies in baskets is too old and mundane now.

Since the day is not too far, how about trying a DIY craft with the kids this season. So get set to pep up your egg hunt sessions with these innovative egg decorating ideas.

Besides the traditions and family bonding, the new trend is that many stay-home moms find these festive times useful to cultivate their crafts and sell their ideas to cash on some money.

After all the workaholic culture of the present times, do not really allow the most of us much time to indulge freely with our kids. Even with work-from-home understanding with the offices, the cellphone and laptops never let daddy's and mommies to go all out and enjoy their day with the tiny tots! 

A sad reality!

However, for all the enterprising parents who wish to spend more time with their kids yet don't get to do so just enjoy the Easter Eggs- art below. And with options galore, do try out all of them whenever you can.














Do let us know what your pick of the day is by leaving a comment in the section below.

Wishing all our readers a very happy forthcoming Easter. There's so much to do, so buck up!

For more such creative DIY crafts, stay tuned with us.
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    Those are fantastic! I was looking into baskets at treasuretrovecatalog.com, and decided to look for easter stuff while I was at it. How fun!


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