There is a fine line between outright eccentric and weird funkiness.While the former is a conscious thought on which one acts, the latter may be quite inadvertent.

Well wondering what we are getting at?

Its funky footwear!

We featured Tel Aviv-based footwear designer way back in 2011 in one of our post. Two years gone, still his style remains as flamboyant as ever.

Just a small recap before we bring his latest collection for you.

Footwear designer Kobi Levi was an unknown name till Lady Gaga happened to him. No she isn't seeing him, if that's what you are wondering!

Following his graduation from  Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem in 2001, Kobi set out to start his own footwear enterprise. His passion for funky shoes dates back to his childhood days in Tel Aviv, where he dabbled some of his creative designs.

Well he seems another one of those gifted child proteges. But with a degree in hand and dreams of making it big as an innovative footwear designer, Kobi started his own blog in 2010.

In his own words that spells the idea behind his creations, Kobi writes "In my artistic footwear design the show is my canvas...The combination of the image and footwear creates a new hybrid and the design/concept comes to life. The piece is a wearable sculpture".

His "out-of-the" box designs caught the eye of one and all who wanted to stand out, literally! The success of his designs on the blog is what brought Lady Gaga knocking his doors. She was so impressed by his style, that gels well with her own style quotient, that his design came to limelight in her music video "Born This Way"

With enough exposure and acclaim for his designs, Kobi started his own studio in Tel Aviv by 2011. He offers high-quality original designs to his customers, all hand made mind you.

We bring his funky footwear collection. Get set to go gaga, shoeaholics!

Blonde Ambition

Baseball Cap


Contemporary Chinese chop-stick stilettos

Corset Boots



Mother & Daughter





Cheerleader Blue


Rocking Chair

Tell us which of these designs made you go 'head-over-heels' by leaving a comment in the section below.

Stay tuned for more such funky finds on E-junkie.
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