If only Shakespeare lived in this century, wouldn't he say a line as tacky as "What's in a Smartphone"?

Well literally everything. From personal thoughts to naughty tidbits to important business information; we carry it all in our hands nonchalantly.

Oh by the way, guess he would be using a smartphone app to write and share this too. That's as real as sarcasm gets! Taking this one-liner in a serious context, smartphones maybe one of the most innovative finds so far by the techies; its your hands-on mini computer that has bridged the gaps in user connectivity irrespective of geography.

The greatest boon of using a smartphone is the amount of technology that's available to the user. All of us lead a "rat-race" life practically wherein being at all the important places is also impossible.

As good as it gets for those who are techno-savvy and want to use it for multi-tasking diligently; they cannot function with blinkers always. The smartphone that's your power tool could prove to be a thing that could turn out bad as well.

Here are some absolutely careless things that smartphone users do, unknowingly ofcourse, that ups your risk factor by a notch.

Read on these dumb mistakes that just happen:

1. If you are one of those who believes in the inevitability of a password breach, we say just come out of this illusionary bubble. This is probably the dumbest mistake that most phone users end up doing. Our perception to handle and care for the handset is so over-bloated with confidence that we do not "set a password" for a just-in-case possibility. The simple reason that one needs to take this measure is security and simply security! One can never know what data can be stolen and misused. Everyone is equally at risk of a data theft.

2. When it comes to making transactions or any money-related issue, the boom in e-banking services not only comes in handy for regular working class folks but also for busy mothers, entrepreneurs and students as well. On the flip side though, we all are compelling lazy gooses who like taking the easy way out. Once you log into that account, no one bothers writing down individual account details or passwords on paper. Guess we tend to save paper for all the wrong reasons!

Most of us log out tend to carry the recipe for the perfect financial disaster to happen right in our hands. Not logging out after making transactions or giving a go ahead to "Save Password" on an app makes it all the more easy for the loitering gang of data thieves to steal any kind of sensitive information for misuse.

3. The variety of apps at a user's disposal acts as a cloud on  our technology-smitten minds.And when it comes to shopaholics there's not been a more honest truth spoken in this age of eCommerce. Most users now prefer shopping online rather than visiting a brick-n-mortar store, unless its an absolute essential. Well nothing wrong but caution is a prerequisite here as well. When there is a choice between shopping through your phone's browser and the shopping site's app, its always a good choice to go-in for the latter. This cuts down on the risk of spams and retaining that security wall.

4. Smartphones, even if it is the latest newbie in the tech world, has a short longevity in relation to the user preferences. Most of us have a knack for constantly buying the newest piece in the market. A legitimate fetish no doubt, but what we often forget is to wipe off our data leftovers in the existing phone. Another dimension of this is, clearing browsing history, which is bothersome for many. This is a easy way for thieves to retract your details and make a move. As they say common sense is very uncommon, most users may miss out on this simple step before disposing off their handsets for the new one!

5. Things that come with a "free" tag are mindlessly grabbed by many. When it comes to downloading "free apps" on your smartphones, users tend to value convienience and money over security. It is fair knowledge that some apps that come with the "free" label attached may not always be so. Rather using them can make the users open to fraudulent data thefts since such apps demand an access to account details. Hence it is advisable to use reliable and reviewed apps.

6. "Many people store passwords, pins, Social Security numbers, credit card or bank account information on smartphones". Created with this multi-utility factor in mind, smartphones just cannot be your virtual storehouse for sensitive and important data. Relying too much on the security of your phone is just not good; one always needs to have concrete backups to such information. Moreover having adequate software updates to disable your smartphone in case of a theft is what users need to remember.

At the end of the day, your smartphone is just a device that cannot function 100% securely. What we as the human agency can do is just reduce the potentiality of risk involved; a temporary safety valve.

Do let us know your thoughts and opinions. You can also share any other useful tips with us.

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