Customer Relationship Management also known as the CRM is in general a model that is required in order to administer a company’s interaction with customers. The customers included in this category are both the present clientele as well as the future clientele. CRM makes use of well implemented technology to systematize the process of sales. It also takes care of other necessary factors like that of marketing, customer contentment procedures and tech support. Cloud CRM took a long time to be officially adopted by most small businesses all over the world. However, now that the trend has started, more and more small business is integrating CRM functionality in their processes.

There are various different types and categories of Cloud CRM. There are CRMs designed to carry out various processes:-
  • Streamlining the sales process with SFA or Sales Force Automation.
  • Marketing campaign tracking through CRM systems.
  • Proper attention towards the customers and with full support and service.
  • A systematized way of conducting appointments with customers.
  • Monitoring the various client actions and recording preferences over time.
  • Cloud CRM basically designed for conducting small business processes.
  • Coordinating with social networking websites for better communication measures with customers.
  • CRM systems specifically designed for welfare or non-profit organizations which are solely membership oriented.
Popular statistics for small businesses
There was a recent study conducted by the Dell Cloud Business Applications. The entire study was based on how various small business units were actually adopting the usage of cloud applications. The study indicated a definite and also a big rise in the usage of cloud applications by small businesses. The Cloud CRM procedures were till now among the most adopted management systems in small business. There was a significant rise in its usage from about just 34% in the year of 2010 to about 55% in 2012. These sorts of survey and study results indicate that the CRM is on its way in developing a gateway for many other cloud app management systems.

Consumer adoption of IT
Cloud CRM has become really more attractive to the small business opportunities as for the reason that the IT process is really getting integrated in the consumer processes. This sort of a concept is basically discussed when the IT departments are getting pinned down. Comments on the line accession in business to the budget throne of technology also spark a similar reaction. However, it is still being applied to the processes of small businesses in a completely different way.

Easy availability of CRM technology
People or consumers these days are mostly involved in small enterprise endeavors. Now, when these same people are asked if they are linked to any sort of social network or make use of a mobile device, the answer is yes. In fact, yes is the modern answer to this question in more than 90% in the worldwide results. This clearly depicts that most people are involved in some sort of small business ideas or they have already started one. Even, the ones who are not still have a huge dependence on the contemporary technology resources. People in a big environment well integrated into a department are less close to various aspects of their business than the small business owners.

This basically happens because small business owners prefer the use of a technology that is cheap and readily available to perform the basic operations of their business. The older methods like usage of spreadsheets and conventional means of pen and paper are not so necessary. Neither are they convenient. The Cloud CRM technology is readily available to be used as a suitable choice for the small business owners.

Companies offering CRM systems for small businesses
There are many companies like Zoho which further has a lot of clientele that includes both small and large companies that make use of their CRM services. For example, the huge company of Dell makes use of a lot of their Cloud CRM applications in their processes. Moreover, Zoho also has more than 20,000 companies that also make use of their software. These include both small and medium scale businesses. Statistics include that over 100,000 have the highest deployment. In these, about 3000 are just small scale businesses, which considering the statistics is about 15% of all businesses.

The thing about fascination in this market is that it is not about the potential for Cloud CRM but it is about how many people have the actual potential to adopt this new system and incorporate in their business. The small business owners have been a bit slow in actually embracing the system of CRM and their cloud apps. However, the great thing is that when the small business owners start embracing them, they do it with full confidence and support.

Author Bio:
Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes in Market Tech Media Reviews

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    I'm not really sure what the point of this article is, but I think you have good intentions. There is really no question about whether cloud CRM is a huge benefit to both small businesses and consumers alike. Honestly, what could be better than having easy access to information and processes that make the buying, selling, and re-selling processes better for everyone?


  2. Alia Said,
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    Hi Brad,

    I agree with you that Cloud CRM is becoming the norm. But still
    I believe there are many small enterprises who go for legacy/ self -hosted
    softwares, leading to more wastage of time and resource.


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