Oscar Lessons For Businesses

Posted: 2/24/2013
The Oscar fever is intoxicating and we just couldn't resist putting out our take on Hollywood's greatest night.

As the year's showbiz giants face off the pitch battle to earn their 15 seconds of fame, we observed how similar both the worlds are, that of Business and Hollywood.

Wondering what's business and Oscar-ceremony got in common?

Well its this glitzy celluloid that subtly brings together not only the best of acting prowess but also a whole baggage of entrepreneurs and technological experts, that makes showbiz a business in itself.

Be it actors, directors, producers or technicians, they all carve out their success after a hard day's labor. They dream to achieve the best, so they go for the best means too. That's their core value on open display!

For most movie buffs, the night is all about glamour but what is captivating for us is the sheer technology behind the show that makes it all the more ubiquitous than all the years past. There's always something new to anticipate.

In a recent article by bestselling author of "Tell To Win", Peter Guber drives home an intelligible point. According to him, "The short answer is that winning the Academy Award is a political game and those who play it best, most often win. And this is absolutely true for your career and your business".

Borrowing his thought, it is interesting to draw a pattern when it comes to business. Many of us work our backs off but never get our due share of acknowledgment nor timely recognition. So what do we do? Well most of us common folks, would certainly go brow beating our sordid Karmas or that of the higher-ups!!

But alas, the deal with Oscars and business comes down to the same thing. Everyone works hard, puts in their money and sweat, wants to cash on some moneybags and wants recognition too. Now that's a lot many things to wish for at the same time.

But that's exactly the driving force of any business too. To become big, you have to start small and chart out your own tracks, so others can look upto you with honor and respect.

Those of you who feel that Success plays the touch-n-go game with you here's a real tip. Its seemingly fine if year in and out the same top guns get selected or even win. The real brownie points, however, come from the audience.Now that's again something, common between the two. The real audience will remain loyal to your brand/product if you give them quality. Their trust is your Oscar anyday!

While many critics do claim the Oscar show as being rigged or politically orchestrated, nonetheless, that requires certain marketing skills in itself.

The buzzword here is T.A.L.E.N.T.  Each of the alphabet has a hidden value to it that makes any business a volatile combo for success.

Team : Knowing your key players helps businesses work out their strategy nicely by utilizing the strengths of each.

Audience : They are the "other" side of the coin. The goal of a successful businesses venture is to quench the doubts of consumers who ask "What do I get out of this? ".

Likeability : While doing business is a serious affair but being sensitive to the needs of the audience is what keeps you up and about in the long run. So to endear them, going out in the field once in a while is important.

Emotion : Most of us have quite a blunt perception when the word business comes to our mind. Its all about hardcore profits, turn overs and economic variables. Sadly, we often undervalue the human quotient behind it. A business thrives as much on practical experience as on emotional intelligence. The businesses who cater to the emotional aspects of the consumers, say through a cause based promotion, tend to draw a bond that's engaging. The idea is to move beyond simply accumulating facts and figure that constitute the growth aspect of your business. Development is the newest adage that needs watching!

Negativity : Enterprising is all about materializing dreams into reality. As positive as it sounds, the road ahead is not as smooth. But that's what separates winners from failures. Keeping these ounces of negativity under wraps generates a workable environment for one and all.

Tenacity : A byword for attitude, it sets the tone for fellow competitors to take note of you in the race. While a forward looking mindset is important, but communicating your success story in concrete terms earns you that visibility. The essence, however, is the light in which the failures and success are portrayed. That's what defines your standout character from the rest in the business.

The Oscars Award was but a euphemism for what we wanted to read between the lines. We hope that this added to your vision in some way. Do share with us your insights about the same.

Like the Oscars, do follow us regularly for something new everyday.
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