Opera Takes Over Skyfire

Posted: 2/15/2013
The Web community's 5th-best ranked web browser in terms of global usage, Opera took over Skyfire Labs- a firm known for its mobile cloud solutions and video optimization. The latter is most well known for its Rocket Optimizer software.

The $155 million deal by the Norwegian company is a move to expand their business domains beyond just "browser roots". Both the collaborators see this as an evolutionary move that shall benefit both as each of them offers a service that's feasible for the consumers across the globe.

Opera's waning business and customer usability is often quoted but the firm is doing quite well actually. A story done by GigaOm reports that Opera created some ripples by "dropping its own engines and frameworks in favor of WebKit, Chrominum and V8".

Talking of complimentariness from consumer perspective, both ethe firms can develop their server-side services relatively as well as offering users a greater independence in mobile web usage.

While Opera is known for its Turbo compression technology, mobile advertising platform- Mediaworks and a pay-per-use carrier service- Web Pass, Skyfire's video optimization through Rocket will make video streaming and buffering much more easy. In fact, it also has a carrier service-Horizon using which the consumers can redeem coupons offers.

Opera CEO Lars Boilesen puts out clearly his firm's strategy. "Skyfire adds capabilities to our portfolio around video, app optimization, smartphones and tablets, and strength in North America. With video expected to consume over two-thirds of global mobile bandwidth by 2015, and as time spent on Android and iOS apps explodes, we are excited to extend Opera’s solutions for operators".

Sources also reveal that the terms of agreement do not bind Skyfire's autonomous identity; it shall be a subsidiary owned by Opera. Interestingly, to substanciate the partnership more firmly, the current Skyfire CEO Jeffery Glueck will become the EVP of Operator Business for Opera.

At the heart of this move is that it is certainly a big change for both the companies who want to innovate technology-use with geographical distance between the two acting as a inhibiting factor.

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