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The Latvian startup - Sellfy, hit the markets in 2011. In the short-span two years, the one-click eCommerce platform for publishers has ushered in many moves that are soon to challenge market forces like Amazon.

In a recent move, Sellfy has become more versatile by expanding its payment options beyond the accepted PayPal. American users can now operate their credit cards via Stripe while Paymill will do in Europe.In addition, its nominal traction fee, which is currently 5% of each transaction. Its affiliate program is social media friendly.
In a post last year, Tech Crunch reviewed this startup. "Sellfy lets creators of digital content – ebooks, music, video, photos, or basically any type of file – to sell their wares via a simple short URL that can be shared through a brand’s existing community or fan base via the likes of Twitter and Facebook or their own website".

The startup is funded by Skype co-founder Toivo Annus, Sten Tamkivi and a score of Spanish cable operators. Sellfy came into limelight following Annus's association with StartupHighway, that provides the best "tools, network and knowledge" for startups to get funding. As sources reveal, Sellfy bagged a "€8k in the process in return for 10% equity".

The startup co-founder, Maris Dagis is a blogger-turned-entrepreneur whose self-published blog-Rotorblog.com was sold to WebMediaBrands in 2010. Guess that could have been a motivation to clean up all the loose ends when it comes to Sellfy. As a blogger, he must have known the auguries of publishing, marketing and promoting content online.

It is an established fact that Amazon's Kindle service is the best in the market, but Sellfy is soon catching up. Sharing his views on the various roadblocks for digital content, Dagis notes,"Sellfy is seeing the most traction in the eBooks segment with many authors preferring to sell via Sellfy rather than Amazon because of much lower transaction fees".

This is surely a new developemnt in helping authors and self-publishers bring their works to their audience in a nominal way.

Start ups on a lookout for help, Sellfy is open for applications till March 31st, 2013.

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