Yes! you caught that right- BRAND Beatles rather than BAND Beatles!

Wondering what's the correlation between rock music and business?

I am a Beatles junkie. When that thin line between an offhand listener to an ardent follower happened, is impossible to track. That's that!

Just take a second and think what made a band of boys from Liverpool the most popular rock band of all times. Fan or no fan, everyone knows "B-E-A-T-L-E-S" till date. Their music was shunned as unoriginal and un-befitting the rock genre. Surely the current breed of metal fans would be nodding their heads to that. But throwing "verbal" stones will not change history of the phenomena dubbed as "Beatlemania".

'Beatles', 'success' and 'cross-culturalism' have become synonymous with commercialization.Their journey from being a music-dawdling band to the internationally appealing brand Beatles is worth some useful insights for our entrepreneurs.

Today we shall take you through their "hit-n-miss" experience and if you are a start-up, you better take the lessons seriously.


To begin with Beatles were not a brand. In fact as many of us must be aware they got rejected at the Decca Auditions - the leading record company of the time. Following the rebuff, the "Fab Four" reworked their music. Understanding the pulse of the times and giving the audience what they wanted was what won the game for them. Rock-n-roll was out as "the charts were filled with soulless, sanitized music by the likes of Deon, Fabian, and Ricky Nelson". The band manager Brian Epstein, who curated records in his father's furniture store, chose popular American songs for the audition with a few Lennon-McCartney numbers to add the original touch. Of course, they got rejected.

As businesses the important lesson to takeaway is to know your strength; being original is not always necessary but the to add a personal touch to your product is what makes it yours. Moreover, you know your situation the best; so quit being a silent nodder to all the "goodwill" advise that's thrown at you.


Beatles earned international acclaim precisely due to the fact that they had a common vision of success and knew "WHAT" they were selling. John Lennon shared his thoughts that “First we became the biggest band in Liverpool. Then the biggest band in Northern England. Then we conquered London, Europe and eventually America" to become bigger than brand Elvis!

For starts businesses, having a clear cut collective goal is essential. Regular reviews of your own policies and plans will help give better services to the clients. In their long career, the Beatles performed live in countless countries. However digital and tech savvy we become, going out in the field is what keeps the customers know the face behind the business.

3.Team Management

A lesser known fact is that the Fab Four that we know as Beatles were not the original band. The initial line up included John Lennon,Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Tommy Moore. The under-rated drummer Ringo Starr was a much later inclusion who provided the much needed stability to the band.

Beatles had their rough moments. To balance out the talents of a witty Lennon with a flamboyant McCartney, spiritually-oriented Harrison and Ringo's average-guy popularity was a task for the band manager. But it added to their musical evolution as the band-mates showed a healthy competitive spirit right until their split. Moreover each of the member was an individual who created their own songs.

To constitute your Dream Team that handles work pressure perfectly comes with its own baggage of problems.Issues like balancing out different talents and cultivating mutual respect with healthy competition is at the heart of corporate success.

4. Backup Team

Beatles' success was not theirs alone. The behind-the-scenes support team of managers Allan Williams and Brian Epstein, producer George Martin had a huge role in promoting the band of boys globally.

When it comes to businesses, the boss has to get his team of executives, engineers, advisors, developers- who can bring in their own innovative insights to the workplace. The employees cannot do all the thinking alone.

5.Time Management

As the business saying goes "Time is Money", the Beatles are the perfect example in the context. Not only they regathered from their audition rebuff but produced a music that was cross-generational. They performed more than 400 concerts and live shows that kept up their popularity.The reason for this, lies in catching the current trends of the time that appealed to all. To begin with they used to pay heavy costs for recording per session without realising the phenomena they had become.

Start-ups have it tough in terms of keeping their customers as well as investors happy at the same time. One bad move could dent reputations but that's not the end of the road. Sometimes negative publicity can also teach you valuable lessons. Never under estimate your own value.


When the group of teenage boys went touring in England, they had dreams of taking over Elvis Presley- the star of the music fraternity. Added to that cutting an album with the Decca Records was the next goal. Failures followed in the start. But what got them going was the belief that they were passionate musicians born to entertain. A famous line that the band used to regroup was when Lennon would ask "Where are we going lads?" for which the answer was "To the toppermost of the poppermost".

Most industry veterans would hand out advise to start-ups to have realistic expectations. True but not enough if you want to become the best of the best. Having certain naive expectations after establishing a little foothold in the business is never a too much to ask.


In the starting we mentioned that Beatles were shunned for their genre of music. It was compared to rock-n-roll which was already dead in the 1960's. Even their borrowing popular American songs was shunned. But their belief in "everything is remix" got them going. In fact each of the Beatles was a critics of each other's work because all of them had different tastes individually. While it kept them together in the high point of their career but as the split happened things turned bad.

This is probably the most important lesson. Criticism should be positive and encouraging; not meant to demean articulate opinions. Arguments are part of a healthy evolutionary process. However, as was the case with Beatles, a loss of mutual respect fractured the whole team.

So businesses here's our finale tip the Beatles way:

'Do You Want to Know' 'The Secret' 'Ticket to Ride' on 'the Long and Winding Road' to success. 'From Us to You',  just 'Carry That Weight' 'Eight Days a Week' in the 'Strawberry Fields Forever'. And 'It Won't be Long' before 'We can Work It Out'. 'Act Naturally' and 'Baby You'r A Rich Man'. So get set to 'Twist and Shout'!

A Beatles fan or not , do leave us a comment in the section below.

Stay tuned for more juicy business wisdom with us.
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