Facebook just turned 9. For the most part Mark Zuckerburg remains the poster boy of his company.

There are some unknown minds that hold the fort strong without seeing the limelight in Facebook's ark!

It seems a right day to share the story of this engineer who changed the way we use Facebook today. His far-sightedness with regards to the future of the popular social media site is not too well known however.

Here's a tumble down the memory lane...

The year is 2011. All seems to be going fine for Facebook. It is the most popular app on both Android and iOS. Yet there is a voice that wants to deliver 'something more'. Who is it?

Cory Ondrejka, a newbie engineer on the Facebook team who joined it after Zuckerburg acquired some assets of his company Walletin in 2010. A Naval Academy alumni, Cory has had stints at record label EMI and Linden Labs, that gave him much of an industry exposure.

So what was this talk that revamped Facebook in a quick-span less than two years?

In a story reported by Wall Street Journal reporter Evelyn Rusli, Ondrejka explained his CEO how Facebook could go dud on the mobile platforms if it didn't shift to building apps using the native code.

For those you who don't know, Facebook was built in 2006 on HTML 5 and not the native iOS or Android codes. The major drawback was that within just 5 years, Facebook was rendered absolutely slow to use.

Certainly not a crisis-in-making but it could certainly have led to a major loss of clientele had Ondrejka not pointed out the loophole.

Despite the assurance that he "finally had the technical resources and engineering expertise to get it done", Cory got the nods slowly.

Now leapfrog to August 2012.

Media and tech analysts were patting Facebook's latest version of apps, that was more user-friendly and faster.
While ushering in a major change for the social media site, he is not quite active on various networking sites himself as of now. His personal blog reads "I work at Facebook. I'm an angel investor and sometimes speak about innovation".

We were quite piqued by his demure style. Guess he is a behind-the-scenes guy, we stumbled across some of his insightful predictions:

"A major telecommunications company will recognize the competitive threat posed by Google Voice and begin offering “voice is free” as a method to gain customers and transition into more profitable data services.

The current crop of social games will go the way of the original wave of Zombies and Vampires as players tire of the repetitive gameplay and friends start a backlash — again, exactly as we saw with Zombies and Vampires. The winning social game companies will be those which pivot dramatically.

Apple releases a tablet and moves computing onto a 4th screen, adding a new form factor to their existing complement of full screen (desktop/laptop), handheld (iPhone), and living room (Mac Mini/MacTV). It will be incredibly fun to use for the range of activities currently least served by current screens — movies, reading, browsing/social media on the run, and video/text chat. It will bring at least one new UX tech to the party to help make it the “ZOMG, WANT!!” product of 2010 — for example, front facing 3D camera for gestural control without touching the screen.

Amazon responds to the gaggle of competing copycat ebook readers by turning Kindle into a full fledged book platform: author choice on DRM, p2p sharing, and loaning; community elements for book recommendations, annotations, and ranking; and, user-generated book metadata for series and sequels, to allow author and series subscription for automatic delivery of new books.

Backlash against the world’s biggest banks and their windfall profits will contribute to the emergence of new regional, community, and online banking options.

I will be back at work full-time on something seriously cool."

On a lighter note, Ondrejka's got some psychedelic powers going for him. But its incredible how his small insight has helped Facebook become a success story. Kudos!

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