It is a fairly common problem most of us have faced at one point of time or other.

Pinterest's terms and conditions do not allow users to post images from Facebook.  And mind you over-smart users who try to force feed this action, immediately get a "pop up" disclaimer note!

So should one not wish for a bridging both these social media sites? We say, why not.

This is a mighty annoying restriction for most social media users who are active on both these sites. It is a fair desire that bloggers and page admins have about garnering greater site traction by mutually sharing images on both the sites simaltaneously.

A few days ago, I faced the same glitches and worked around to come out with a workable solution that you as readers might have also faced.

Pinterest basically allows users to categorically "pin" things they find interesting on the web. In simple terms, Pinterest follows an image URL to the particular webpage so that your account followers can easily view interesting items.

But most users wish to link their pins to Facebook. However, if you merely upload an image directly to Pinterest, it will not be redirected to your Facebook page.This is a common problem for those businesses and advertisers who have clients to cater to.

Here are 4 simple steps to follow that will enable the integration.

1.Go to the Facebook image you want to pin.

2.Right click on the image to copy and paste the image URL(not the one on the main address bar) in Pinterest's "Add" toolbar, followed by 'Pin It' action.

3.On clicking the image, the viewers will only be able to see the image on a new tab, with no provision for comments or like. Its a stub mostly!

4. Now to redirect your viewers to a specific page, go to "Edit Pin". Edit the long URL to replace it with the specific Facebook page link you wish the viewers to go.

Follow this 4 step act to gather sufficient site traction for your social media sites. Despite Pinterest's terms and conditions that do not allow a direct action, a little smartness on the part of the account user will resolve this minor glitch.

Do try these steps and share with us your success stints. If you have any new tips to add in this process do feel free to leave a comment below.

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