"Every contrivance of man, every tool, every instrument, every utensil, every article designed for use, of each and every kind, evolved from a very simple beginnings" - Robert Collier

Beginning an enterprise is the most difficult task, isn't it? And we don't mean the collection of tangibles to get started. Something called as the 'driving force' is what helps most entrepreneurs to imagine an idea and then execute it into reality.

The hard reality of the present times is that the Gen Y wants a quick life- be it jobs, money or relationships. An absorbing insanity is slowly becoming a by-word for what our yesteryear pro's call the "spirit of entrepreneurship".

The prevalent mindset is that nobody wants to climb the 'LADDER' of success any more. Either they want to create this ladder for others to hop on or else take the easy way out and begin from the top. Sadly a grave paradox of modern entrepreneurship!

This could be an apparent reason why businesses today collapse in a whisker's space and become the 'one-among-the-many' case.

Today we bring for you some of our inspirational entrepreneurs who started off with humble first jobs to make it big eventually. Most of their success stories usually record their first success at business when they made it big but what counts more is how they began and learnt from their failures/success, as maybe the case.

1. Ben Cohen
The ice-cream chain-Ben & Jerry's- big shot was a humble taxi driver, an ER clerk and a pottery wheel delivery boy before founding his own venture.

2. Richard Branson
Coming from a family of lawmakers, he chose to be different. He started of at 16 to run his own magazine called Student. In addition he would buy record labels, cheaper by a dozen and resell it out of his car.

3. Michael Dell 
It's a rough day at Dell Inc this 2013 but the man behind the enterprise is a child protege surely. Dell earned $18,000 as a freshman in college by choosing and selling subscriptions to the Houston Post and making cold calls. But at 12, he started off a dish washer in a Chinese eating joint who later got promoted to a waterboy.

4. Warren Buffett
Who would have thought a Congressman's son like Buffett had to even work. But stunning how many petty jobs he's worked. Although his first job was to sell newspapers in his hometown Omaha, Nebraska he has also sold chewing gums, Coca-Cola, stamps as well as working at his grandpa's grocery store.

5. Donald Trump
Real Estate developer's son "The Donald" went around construction sites to collect water bottles to get a nominal resale value.

6.Sam Walton
As a youth the Walmart founder was in the heart of Great Depression era when he milked cows and delivered them to people. In addition , he augmented the family income by selling newspapers and magazine subscriptions.

7. Wayne Huizenga
He popularized waste management at a time when it was an unknown entity. He wnt around collecting garbage in his single truck to later founding 3 Fortune 500 firms and 6 NYSE listed companies besides owning 3 sports franchises.

8. Dave Thomas
The owner of the popular fast food chain- Wendy's got his first job at 12 in The Regas, a Knoxville restaurant. He was also a employee at KFC.

9.Jeff Bezos
The internet retailer giant and CEO of Amazon was a floor cleaner at McDonald's where his dad had also worked in the past. He recounts that "My first week on the job, a five-gallon, wall-mounted ketchup dispenser got stuck open in the kitchen and dumped a prodigious quantity of ketchup into every hard-to-reach kitchen crevice. Since I was the new guy, they handed me the cleaning solution".

So if you are one of those whining about your first job and finding yourself at a professional crossroads, this is not the end of the road. In fact, every job is a cog in the learning curve; you just might not realize just now but maybe ten years down the road useful insights might have subconsciously trickled-in.

As Dave Pelzer says “One could come from less than humble beginnings, to become a winner from within” . 

We inspire all our businesspersons and readers to keep up their spirits even when the going gets tough.Do share with us your "First Job" experiences by leaving a comment in the section below.

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    Love this! #6 was my fav, Mr Sam Walton!


  2. Ejunkieblog Said,
    http://www.e-junkie.info/2013/02/9-inspirational-entrepreneurs-who-ate.html?showComment=1360660170106#c1296096804422207601'> February 12, 2013 at 2:09 AM

    Thanks for the kind words. And yes Sam Walton is a figure cut above the rest precisely because he embodies the "American Dream" in real life. A country boy's struggle to become U.S.A's everyday name is truly inspirational.


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