It's not be the same glamor-oozing show stealer with dazzling beauties and hunks walking a red carpet. It's all about geeks walking tall in their pinstripe suits and Prada heels for their obvious achievements as go-getters in the business fraternity.

Yes we are talking of the 6th Crunchies Annual Award Show. The much anticipated award ceremony among business circles were finally announced yesterday in San Francisico's Louise M.Davies Symphony Hall.

A joint ceremony is hosted and sponsered by Tech Crunch, GigaOm and VentureBeat, the awards are like an encouraging pat-on-the-back for "the best startups, founders and venture capitalists".
For those who won its a hearty congratulations that shall be flowing in from all directions, but for those who worked crazy yet didn't make it to the stage, here's some Abraham Lincoln for you- “Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition”.

The 20-odd categories recognize individual and collective business efforts done all round the year. With Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer kick starting the show with her insights and enthusiasm, the show was graced by the 'technocrati'.

Tech Crunch informs about the main highlights of the show. "The night started off with a bit of science as the Mars Curiosity netted the Crunchie for Best Technology Achievement. Then, Snapchat, the little app that’s a staple on every teenager’s smartphone, won Fastest Rising Startup. Tim Armstrong and Michael Arrington were all smiles as they handed Mark Zuckerberg the Crunchie for CEO of the Year. And as the startup world can attest, Chris Dixon rightly won the Crunchie for Angel Of The Year while Peter Thiel was awarded the Crunchie for VC Of the Year".

Here is the winners scroll down list. The E-junkie team extends its congratulations to all the winners.

Best Technology Achievement : Mars Curiosity

Best Collaborative Consumption Service : Airbnb

Best E-Commerce Application : Fab

Best Mobile Application : Google Maps

Fastest Rising Startup : Snapchat

Best Content Discovery Application : Pinterest

Best Design : Paper by FiftyThree

Best Bootstrapped Startup : Techmeme 

Sexiest Enterprise Startup : Box 

Best International Startup : SoundCloud

Best Education Startup : Codecademy

Best Hardware Startup : Makerbot

Best Time Sink : Buzzfeed

Biggest Social Impact : Reddit

Angel of the Year : Chris Dixon

VC of the Year : Peter Thiel

Founder of the Year : Kevin Systrom (Instagram)

CEO of the Year : Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Best New Startup of 2012 : Coursera

Best Overall Startup of 2012 : GitHub 

Watch Marissa Mayer's opening speech below.

You can also catch the whole ceremony show proceedings here:

Video streaming by Ustream

So which of these businesses and the leaders have your "thumbs up". Tell us by leaving a comment in the section below.

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