Top 9 Coolest Office Spaces

Posted: 1/23/2013
What is a work space or to use the more morose term "OFFICE"?

An old ebony desk with enough drawers and some push back chairs does not make a comfortable working arena per say. It's something more.

Aesthetics, when it comes to office space design, is of utmost importance that induces a positive energy to work in the employees. Most SMBs and start-ups, if one has noticed carefully, are beginning to invest a significant amount of capital in improving their office aesthetic. Some financial consultants and your investors surely, would dabble an eye or two at this wasteful move. But let the critics be!

The corporate culture caters to the needs of employees for improving work efficiency. Added to this, your office space is the marker of your identity that leaves a lasting impression on clients who visit. Surely a little handiwork here and there isn't much to ask.

But the pressing glitch always remains the lack of funds to be spared for transforming the face of your office. For many SMBs, on a look-out for cost-cutting at every chance, it becomes a luxury of sorts. Understandable but not impossible!

While money is important, no doubt, there's always a choice. With rest lounges, pet corners, telephone booths, funky cabins, yoga zone and cafetarias, business owners are fast cultivating the art of creating personalized office spaces. A simple layout can create an equally elegant impact and ambiance for both the clients and the employees. It is in a way a common thread that connects the workers and owners who share the same work space and owe the responsibility of maintaining it as well. Now that's lesson no.1 everybody needs to learn.

We bring for you some absolutely awesome office spaces that make you wish that you too were part of it. Oh, don't fall for their names at the first go. how-so-ever tempting it sounds!

1. Shoe Dazzle Los AngelesOffice

Thanks for stopping by to check out these fabulous offices. I'm sure the virtual peek-a-boo has given you guys some innovative ideas for your office makeover.

Do let us know what's your favor pick among these by leaving a reply in the comments section below.

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