"Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul."  -Wassily Kandinsky

The New York-based artist Aaron Sherwood's work delves into this secret mysticsm that brings together art and music beautifully. This off-hand genre, what's being dubbed as "Musart", is not an unknown thing. Artists, since time immemorial have proven to be multi-talented, constantly expanding their artistic vistas.

Surrealism has been the a la mode, since its inception in the 1920s. Artists since then have taken this cultural art movement to new heights, blending the contemporary realities of their times with their individual conceptions . "Firewall", the latest installation by Aaron Sherwood with Michael Allison is a fabulous fusion of music and art. This piece of art makes music when one pets it !!

What's unique about this installation is that it responds to the human touch to produce musical patterns. Sherwood's idea to use this spandex sheet interface in his work, originated as part of the Purring Tiger's  performance piece with Kiori Kawai called Mizalu to be premiered in June 2013. "During one scene in the performance dancers will press into the spandex with the audience facing the opposite side" writes Sherwood in his blog. It is a metaphorical exploration of the niche seperating Life and Death.

Interestingly, its not a simple piece of art. The work combines the use of Xbox Kinect's depth perceptively, Max/MSP, Arduino and Processing to produce a complex mechanism of 'musical touch' to resonate a soothing vibe. While the Kinect measures the depth of the spandex as someone presses into a particular area on the frame, the Max helps the musical tempo to swivel between a high or low, based on the pressure exerted.

His art has been truly inspirational for people who are not directly associated with the fraternity. That's what makes it popular. Julie Meyer, working with a public school for autistic children in Ohio shared her experience so far as such works are concerned. She wrote back to Sherwood in appreciation, saying "We have a sensory room in place now with fiber optic light strands, a lighted marble wall. The one thing we are missing is an auditory input device like this."

Check out these awesum videos of "Firewall" below.

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