Are you a music junky on a look out for the perfect headset that resonates the right amount of noise? Have you seen and heard it all? Well just maybe not . While searching for "the perfect" is but an aberration, the next best thing to is obviously grabbing the almost perfect thing on offer.  Its a hit-n-miss thing really!

Heard of the EERS PCS-150 ? If not, here's all you need to know about them.

The Montreal-based firm Sonomax Technologies set out to make the world hear better. As they say, "We set out to CES 2012 in Nevada, with a specific goal in mind: to be hEERd! And, we think our sound waves traveled quite nicely!".

For starts, EERs look like any normal pair of earphones you find in the market. The catch, however, is that they are designed to custom fit the user's ears perfectly.
How does this happen?

Well when the kit arrives, one has to simply inject a 2-part solution into a silicon bladder, that fills up the inner ear in a quick-sweep 5 minutes of time only. If one has followed the instructions right upto the last point , the end product is your very own perfectly molded earpiece that shuts out the world around you. Its just you and your choicest musical numbers for companionship, for as long as you want.

While the technology sounds promising, many of us may have some doubts about such in-ear pieces as having any possible side effects. Besides with all this silicon solution and all, hygiene concerns also crop up.  Rest assured. Sonomax has taken ample care of such pointers.

Here's why you should go for EERS. Read On.

  • The moment someone reads the word "customized", it spells out an endearing vibe. The design is sleek and slim to fit you like second skin. What more can a music junky wish for!
  • The process is not time consuming. Its a "one time self adjust" activity. I'm sure all of us have 5 minutes to spare if we are really passionate about trying out new things. Just adds a new feather to your user experience.
  • When it comes to sound quality, its perfect fit cuts out all the surrounding noises for a cleaner audio to happen. Moreover, its works equally well for those bass-hearing folks as well as for mellow instrumental lovers alike.
  •  The injecting device is disposable. The user can simply disconnect the earbuds and throw them off safely. That siphons off the hygiene issue surely.
  • These customized earpieces are designed to work well with not only smartphones but any remote controlled device. With an in-built microphone , volume control button , semi-hard zip-on case that can be opened from three sides, its arguably a savvy purchase.
  • If price is not an issue and you are ready to invest a good amount for a quality product, then its pricing shouldn't be much of a problem for you. Priced between US $199 to $299, with careful handling, your possession is sure to last longer. A point to be kept in mind is 'Do Not Mess With Cablewire'. Its the most common reason why those poor earphones end up in dustbins!

Sleek Design

The Injection Device

For those of you who still aren't taken in much yet, here's DJ Phil Morse's own experience for testimony. He says  "DJs use headphones an awful lot, whether in the club or outside. We have more need than most to be imbibing music whatever the situation." He further makes two simple points after using the EERS earpieces himself.
"Comfort wise, I can't argue at all. They are lovely to wear. The earbuds, although have a rubber coating are quite hard. Sound quality wise, they're good - but not perfect"
Now that's a perfectly honest opinion for you from a person who has to get his music right before the world around decides to groove!

Do check out this video below for more insights.

If you found this innovative and endearing, go grab your earpiece at the earliest possible. You can share with us your user experiences in the comments section below. 

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