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Tiding up house in one go can be an overwhelming chore, unless it is done regularly. It is the clutter that gets accumulated and adds to the chaos. Most find de-cluttering to be a very demanding task and try to delay it for as long as they can. It is when the clutter begins to use more space that you think about cleaning it. Lack of motivation can often sideline majority of your de-cluttering projects. But these tips will surely help you get started and complete it quickly.

Regularity - This is the foremost thing that is needed to keep house organized and away from mess. If you spend one or half an hour daily, to remove anything that is no longer needed and trash in to a bag, you'll be surprised to see how organized your house gets. It is also more meticulous way because the clutter is less and you can easily categories it. Compare this to a full day wasted in first checking through the clutter and then deciding what goes where.

Groovy Music - Whilst you are engaged in the cleaning process the upbeat music can add more zest to the process. When you hear your favorite music it automatically acts as an inspiration. You spend less time and stay more focused.  

For Charity – You'll find that charitable work is always motivating. There are plenty of things in the house which may be clutter for you, but of great importance to the needy. You may not think for a second while thrashing it, but it could bring a simple on someone's face. A thought to donate and do charity will automatically encourage you to de-clutter. You can send useful stuff like old clothes, books, old toys and kitchen utensils for charity.

Reward For Tidiness – Once you are done with all the cleaning and organizing, a small treat helps keep spirit high. Besides, cajoling kids to keep rooms tidy is a huge task in itself. The motivation of getting a treat when they complete it should work for them as well.  

Organizing – You can have empty boxes labeled as - garbage, reusable, charity etc. You can fill these boxes accordingly while doing daily cleaning chores. You will end up organizing the clutter according to category which makes it easy to dispose it later. Consider using self storage space if you have too many things that are useful, but not needed for the time being. Self storage space for household storage is affordable, secure and a great way to add more space to home.      

Cultivate Good Habits – Usually, our habits are more responsible for clutter around us. Training yourself first and then your family to follow rules will help keep the surroundings cleaner.
  • Don’t let lose paper collect. Once they serve their purpose immediately trash them.
  • Give at least 5 minutes to take out clothes from the closet and then neatly putting them back.
  • Don’t buy things without giving a second thought.
  • Take the challenge to keep everything tidy and clutter free. A challenge is always motivating. 
  • Children emulate things they see. If you want to cultivate good habits in children show them by doing it yourself.

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