Even though many say it's old hat and that search engines like Google don't like it, I still use article marketing quite effectively to market my products (eBooks) and services (SEO writing company) online.

How Effective Has Article Marketing Been for Me

Well, it's kept me on the first page of Google for many keywords relevant to my niches. For example, if you google the phrases "SEO writing"; "what is SEO writing" and "sell eBooks online" (without quotes) – all keyword phrases that are relevant to my online businesses -- I'm on the first page as of this writing.

Note: Search results change all the time, but I've consistently been on the first three pages of Google for these keyword phrases since 2009-2010. And it's all because article marketing is one of the most consistent weapons in my online marketing arsenal.

What Is Article Marketing?

For those who may be new to internet marketing, article marketing is when you write an article and submit it to article directories so that others can publish it -- for free -- in their newsletter, on their blog / website, in their off-line newspaper, etc.

Why would you give away free content? Because at the bottom of each article is a resource box (ie, "About the Author" section) where you have a link to your website/blog/online store, etc. This drives traffic back to your site.

And, just how much is this traffic worth – especially if you can parlay it into a first-page listing on Google?

How Much Is a Listing on the First Page of Google Worth?

Apparently, a lot. According to the SeoPledge.com article, How Much Is First Page Google Worth?:
If you able to perform some SEO on your site and move to #10 from #11 you should see a 143% jump in traffic. . . . As you move up the first page, the jumps do get larger.

Where to Submit Articles

As mentioned above, you submit articles to free article directories. There are hundreds of them (just Google "article directories" to find a list. FYI, EzineArticles.com is the number one rated article directory on the web. It can be cumbersome to get an article approved there, but it's worth it – especially if you submit on a regular basis. I've submitted close to 400 articles to this site over the years.

Article Marketing – The Reason I Sell 5 Figures Worth of eBooks Per Year

I sell four figures worth of eBooks per month (five figures per year). And my number one eBook marketing tactic is article marketing. Now that I've hopefully convinced you of how effective article marketing can be, following are four things you can do to make it effective in 2013 – and beyond.

4 Effective Article Marketing Strategies for 2013

1. Say Something: As in, write BENEFICIAL information. Article marketing is just another form of content marketing, which means dispensing helpful information to assist web surfers in making an informed buying decision.

Many get frustrated with article marketing; saying it "doesn't work."


It works – if your article is helpful, meaning you can't just throw together a 300- or 400-word article of generic information that can be found all over the web. That type of info doesn't work; it doesn't move consumers to buy.

But if you invest some time into writing clear, concise, helpful articles to distribute, not only will they generate sales, you'll get greater distribution because prospective publishers will come to rely on the fact that you dispense great info.

2. Write Longer Articles: I remember when an article only had to be 250 words or so to be distributed by article directories. Now, most of them require an article to be at least 400 words. Mine tend to be in the 400 to 600-word range.

FYI, I started my own article marketing directory last year. The link to it is in my bio below; there are tons of samples there.

3. Don't Keyword Stuff: Search engines like Google are moving away from rewarding keyword stuffed content to rewarding what's known as themed SEO content. So, strive for a keyword density of only between 1-2%.

4. Create/Leave a Web Footprint: With Google's emphasis on "Authorship," it's more important than ever to create/leave a footprint on the web. This way, search engines know who you are – and can reward your content. One of the quickest ways to develop/leave a web footprint is via social media.

So, create and start interacting on social media – especially the biggies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

I got on the first page of Google recently for a keyword phrase I'd been trying to rank for for at  least six months (SEO content writing) – all because I shared a piece of content with that keyword phrase in it via my Google Plus profile. Now, I'm in two spots on the first page of Google for this phrase. Go figure!

Article Marketing: Conclusion

You'll come across a lot of negative stuff about article marketing on the web – especially since Google's Panda and Penguin updates.

SEO Article Marketing: Over 1,000 Articles Written!

Once I learned how to write SEO content in 2007, I upped my article marketing game because knowing SEO is like having the keys to the online marketing kingdom. I've been using this form of online marketing since 2002, and have written over 1,000 articles to promote my own products and services (and a few thousand more for clients via my SEO writing company's article marketing services).

In short, hands down, article marketing is some of the most effective internet marketing you can do. And the best part of all – it's free!

Author Bio:
Yuwanda Black is an online entrepreneur who has written and distributed over 1,000 articles. Get free articles for reprint at YuwandaBlack.com. Content covers a wide variety of topics, eg, selling eBooks online, freelance writing, internet marketing, SEO writing, etc. Learn everything you need to know to earn four figures per month online using article marketing

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