A lot of attention has been placed on the importance of creating a Facebook page for your small business, and for good reason- there are currently over 1 billion active Facebook users. It has taken some time for Google+ to get on its feet. However, the Google+ user base is now steadily increasing.

Google tried to make its mark with various social networking sites in the past- remember orkit, Google Wave and Google Buzz? Unfortunately these projects failed and it made people wary of investing time in another new tool. Fortunately it has turned out that this time Google has created a hit. Its many impressive features has made Google+ an essential social networking tool for those propelling their business to the next level.

Google+ is expected to reach the 400 million members count by the end of 2012. That is a huge pool of potential customers to which you can market your business. Here are a few of its features:


Google+ learned many lessons watching Facebook experience its growing pains. When users began posting status updates and photos, they were shared with everyone on their friends list. Many people didn’t feel comfortable sharing their baby pictures with current co-workers or professional updates with their friends. Facebook eventually tweaked it so that users could control who saw their posts.
Google+ makes it even easier to choose your audience with the Circles feature. You can group your friends into Circles according to your own criteria. For example, you may have a Business Circle, SEO Contact Circle, and Family Circle and people may be part of one, two, or all three. When you send out an update you decide which Circles will receive it.

Photo Sharing

One of the most important parts of social media marketing is photo sharing. You want to share photos of your business, especially involving customer interaction, on a regular basis to build your brand or service.  Google has made it easy to upload and share photos. You can even set up your device so that every picture you take for your business is uploaded automatically to Google+.

Google+ Local

Every small business owner must go to Google+ Local and claim their business profile because it is free business advertising. By claiming your listing, you ensure that your business will be included in search engine results. The listing will show up on the Local sidebar on the actual search engine results page. In addition to your physical address and phone number, your listing can include hours, recommendations, photos, and Zagat scores.


There is a +1 button next to every search engine result on Google. Every time a business gets a click, it affects their search engine ranking. Google+ updates and shared comments are also indexed by Google. If you take a few minutes a day updating your Google+ status and interacting with other users, you can easily increase your search engine ranking.

These are just a few of the ways you can benefit from a Google+ account. It’s worth it to add Google+ to your social media strategy because with just a short time investment, it can bring you more customers and strengthen the relationship you have with existing customers.

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    That is a huge pool of potential customers to which you can market your business. Here are a few of its features:no
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