How Google Wished New Year

Posted: 1/01/2013
As the sun rises in a few hours, 2012 will have long been passed. The world will get ready to beckon a new year; a year full of joyful anticipations for friends, family and your business enterprises.

Google, the leading search engine of our times, has once again assumed a high pedestal in wishing its global users a hearty New Year, in a creative and fun way. Google Inc, launched its newest Doodle that combines the best of its own fabulous creations.

Joining the party are other search engines like Bing, Dogpile, Ask.com who too have played around with improving their homepages with funky doodle-art. Sadly its Yahoo that has remained off the radar, as the world awaits the last moments of 31st December to pass.

The story behind why Google owners Larry and Sergey decided to venture into this fun and artsy makeover of its homepage, time and again, is quite interesting.

Back in 1998, the owners played around with its corporate logo. At the Burning Man Fest in Nevada, a stick figure was inserted in the "O" of the word Google to give it a nice comical edge that was supposed to send out a message about being "Out of Office". Following its initial positive response, Google hired Dennis Hwang in 2000, as the chief doodler for its homepage makeover. The doodles are usually based on important festivals and  landmark achievements. Till date the team of creative Google illustrators have produced around 1000 Doodles.

Most of us do not give it a moment's thought what these creative Doodles imply. Google has sent out a subtle message through its art. The special logo, as it appears on most homepages, represents the pre and post Party scenes. The highlight of the pre-bash celebrations is characterized by well dressed people while the post party scenario is a scene of mess and leftovers for the host to clean up. In fact, the New Year 2013 doodle is a sequel to Google's earlier floating of the New Year's Eve Doodle, that was a collection of its 35 best creative doodle-arts it featured in 2012.

So kickstart your web journey in this New Year with some happy memories of the past with Google Doodles. Here is a small video of Google's Doodle compilation. Check it out!

A very Happy 2013 folks !

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