For businesses, their clients are the top priority, even more so than the product.

Clients aren't always the most co-operative breed. They come in different flavors too - some finicky, some over-enthusiastic, some fickle, some absolutely ready to make your life horrible with their demands. That's that!

But its the responsibility of businesses to handle every kind of buyer with the same kind of respect and patience you accord a child, even if its nerve-wracking.

Its not a gigantic task to get rid of such demanding clients but there's a right way and right language to do so.

Here's what we think you shouldn't be saying to the clients any day, any time.

1. We Offer The Best of Everything

First things first. You don't need to playact Maradona's "Hand Of God" move. So quit using this cliched line at least in this century please! The clients have heard it umpteen times from hundreds of others like you. No doubt having confidence in your product is very important but building your brand value happens over time, with consistent service not by this wordplay.

2. Other Client Fairytales

Remember what our teachers in school used to do when they had to discipline a noisy class- appreciate the kids in the class next door. Well this psychology is best left in schoolrooms; doesn't fit the boardroom bill anymore. Your current clients do no have the time to listen to your wondrous or horrible tales of client-conquest. It pushes your deal on the backfoot in most cases. So try to be short and crisp, stick to your product points and not other user experiences.

3. 24/7 Call service

As good as it sounds that you are available to your clients anytime- night or day, it really doesn't bode well. Rather its a case of hitting your own head on the deck badly. Try to keep your business in office only not taking it home. Moreover conducting business or fixing meet ups on scheduled date and time shows your professional etiquette nicely. Stressing yourself out is not going to improve your work efficiency nor your brand value, so save up your energy.

4. Expert Opinion

No doubt you have a degree and a thriving business in the industry but when it comes to communicating with your clients never say you are the "expert". This shows a narrow business approach where you cloister your client's interests and opinions. So cut some slack and give your clients some leeway to participate in the decisions that are going to shape up their purchase. It is a fair possibility that your client may act staunch to have their way. As correct business practices calls, be patient and polite while reasoning out with them.

5. Don't act like a loan-shark

Businesses thrive on capital and customer, which are mutually interdependent. It may be a thing of chance that your client is unable to make a payment on the date date; the reasons may be many. While it's not as if you are running a charity thing here but empathizing with long time customers in tight situations goes well for cultivating long term relationships that are good for your business. But just don't make it a habit to let off those "fickle-minded, miserly" types, we just aren't talking about them here.

Follow these tips always while you are interacting with your clients always, it will surely enhance the feathers in your etiquette cap. Remember that it may not be easy to handle the varied kinds of responses that your difficult client throws at you but in the end it is important to stand your ground and conduct business in an ethical manner.

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