It's raining cats and dogs on the internet and when I say that, I'm only referring to the fact that whatever social networking or photo-bookmarking websites you visit, you're going to come across cute images of cats and dogs spreading cuteness all over your computer screen.

One thing that I really love about being a pet lover is the fact that among 5 people 2 are crazy pet lovers, so you're not the only crazy person out there (What a relief it is!).

Sometimes its really hard to find these like-minded people, you might come across a few on Facebook or Pinterest but not everywhere. But thanks to two Malaysian developers, now there's a social network exclusively for cat lovers - Catmoji.

Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo, who are themselves huge cat lovers, developed Catmoji for cat lovers. Cat lovers can share and discover images and videos of cats, and express what they think or feel through emoji. According to the website, "Catmoji is on a mission to make the internet a better and happier place with cats. Join and help us disrupt the Internet with cats and happiness".

Catmoji has a Pinterest-like layout. Once you create your profile you can easily browse through the content shared by other users and upload stuff according to your mood like cute, happy or funny and share it with others.

There's everything cat about Catmoji; Catmunity, awesome Catvatars, to let the world know that what type of cat you are and Catsome Badges that'll take your cat addiction to a whole new level. 

Catmoji is currently based in Penang and was a part of Start-Up Chile. According to the founders, "Catmoji is a serious business. We want to be the online identity for cats, i.e. Facebook for cats."

One thing for sure, Catmoji is one cool place for cat lovers but for the dog lovers, you guys have to wait until someone comes up with a social network exclusively for you guys.

Do let us know what do you think about Catmoji in the comment section below.

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