In one of our earlier posts by guest author Jennifer, we raised the issue of venturing into the Google+ arena. Today we just want to engage a little more on this.

If your are an entrepreneur or a content marketer, this is just the thing you should be watching out for. Launched in 2011, Google+ is quite an under-rated phenomena.

The social media industry is abuzz with the proxy Cold War between Facebook and Google to rule this niche.

While Facebook scores a brownie point in terms of communication and connectivity, Google has for the score of years been the best search engine. No two ways about each of their achievements.

Having said that, the other fact is that Google+ is Google's much needed vent to capture the social media sphere in terms of providing an interactive platform to both the businesses and their clients. Well that's how Google describes its initiative- "a multilingual social networking and identity service". Currently it has more than 500 million registered accounts of whom 235 million solely function on this network. Google further adds that it is a "social layer consisting of not just a single site, but rather an overarching layer which covers many of its online properties". Sounds great, eh?

A genuine query here. Well if its so great why isn't it as popular as Facebook or Twitter?

We all agree upon the issue that Google+ is by no means as popular as its other social media networking platforms, but it isn't completely fad. It's happening but just not enough! What's lacking is the popularity factor not the service part of it.

The web space today is saturated with new social media networking forums each day. Its not as if the users are hard pressed for choices, but trust building becomes a cause for concern if you are a service provider.

Google+ too is no less. From services like filtering emails to video conferencing to Instant upload to data liberation, it offers features that still remain under-explored. We can't exactly blame Google for it.

This reminds me of another story that's doing the rounds today- Drew Houston, the CEO of Dropbox. His struggle with making Dropbox a popular name in the cyber circles, gives us the perfect tip to learn from. Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of HubSpot writes about Dropbox case like this- "The worst outcome for a startup is not failure- its mediocrity... stalls you and keeps you from reaching your potential".

There are lots of similarities in the case of Google+ case as well. For one it isn't a underdog in the startup world. Rather the pressure of coping in a highly competitive market as well as keeping up Google's reputation intact is self evident.

The other reason that strikes instantly is that Google+, if promoted more vigorously can certainly be a ready relief for users who are already done with Facebook and Twitter. To not sound like a bard eulogizing the patron, but Google+ could be the next LinkedIn ; its "circles" are flooded with people engaged in like-minded interests and business ideas. It is for the moment, a great platform where entrepreneurs engage mostly or host hangout discussions. The audience still remains in the "tortoise mode".

So how can businesses catch up? Content creators. Yes, that's the answer folks!

Remember we are talking of Google's baby here. Content and keywords still have a lot of value in terms of generating B2B marketing. Google+ can be an effective means to build Author Ranks to add to that much needed visibility factor we talked of.

Google authorizes a content writer with credits based on its popularity which actually helps push one's content higher up in the search results. The real advantage is that most of the content generated comes from Google's own social media platform. Hence it can be considered high quality trustworthy information. The end result  is a swift rise in inbound marketing.

While this migration act is indeed difficult, it is a start-up step for those businesses who want to create a "stronger social brand".

1.For those of you who haven't updated their ancient Google+ accounts, we suggest you go pro right now! That should be your first move.

2. Follow this up by signing for Google Authorship. This helps in building networks by making you accessible.

3.The main focus of the writers should be to produce good engaging content to earn +1's.

4.The ultimate cookie of success is how virally you share the content. Maintaining the right balance between tweets, Facebook shares and +1's is what you need.

Hope the content was engaging and most of you are ready to migrate to Google+ after this.
The E-junkie.info team hopes to see a lot many of our ardent fans on that network as well. What's more satisfying than a good dialogue. So get set to add a "Plus" to your business right away!

You can leave your comments and opinions for us in the section below.

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