Bizarre Japanese Inventions

Posted: 1/05/2013
No people are bigger tech junkies than the Japanese. From as strange as Fighter Obama figures to Toilet training tiger toy to eatable iPhone 5 cases, the Japanese think out-of-the box almost every time they set out to invent something new.

If its not bizarre, it ain't original Japanese then!

Here are some absolutely bizarre inventions that's come out of Japan.

We seriously warn you, its totally a hilarious compilation to tickle your funny bone to the core!

1. Obama Fighter-Figure


Well we can't exactly vouch for Mr. President's re-election tactics, but in the far-flung land of the 'Rising Sun', he sure has a huge fan following, maybe just not for his politics but for his persona and pioneering rise to the highest office in the country. This toy includes the US flag, a mic stand with stool, katana and lightsabers, meshing the features of both the cultures.

2. Rocobo Electronic Pets


The Japanese fascination with robots is not unknown. Rocobo is a virtual pet that comes onto the screen and can mimic emotions based on any audio noise it catches in the background. Guess gone are the days when a cat or dog were the cute pets to be had, its virtual technology on display here!

3. Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case


All you geeks read it right. Japanese firm Mariko has come up with this "part food, part phone case" for iPhone 5.  Its made out of brown rice and salt and is extremely fragile. The product vendors promise to deliver  the orders to customers within a month. As funny as it sounds, why would anyone want to buy a case for  $81 and eat it too! More than a phone case that will protect your costly device, this edible case needs a careful handling in the first place.

4. Napping Helmet


Most of us believed we needed some hard labor and a fluffy pillow-on-the-bed to fall asleep. But here another bizarre invention that takes you by surprise. A rubber suction piece attaches itself 2 the surface while the other end is connected to the helmet on your head. This keeps the person's head erect even when they want to sleep while sitting. Well wouldn't the office goers love this, you know why!

5. H-Bouy USB Toy


When in Japan watch-out for the 'H' word that implies "ecchi" or "hentai". This is one word that is a troublemaker in the cyber world, mostly for parents who wish to keep their tweens off undesirable websites on Internet. This USB toy, that symbolizes the innocent child , blinks whenever the 'forbidden alphabet' is typed by a user. Weird but certainly useful.

6. Shimajiro Toilet Training Tiger


Teaching your child something as basic as potty training is never easy for parents, be it in the US, Japan or anywhere else in the world.  The approach in the US may be a little more conservative and private, but the Japanese made this too innovative. The famous cartoon Shimajiro, a young tiger is used to teach kids basic mannerisms, shapes, household activities and even toilet training. The animated videos show a struggling Shimajiro with potty training. The toy however is designed to hold the paper rolls and pops out phrases for the child to follow easily.

Hope it was fun to know how Japanese techs think. Do share with us your comments and feedbacks in the section below.

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