What do most of us think of Facebook apps?

Sensible and fun-filled for the most part.

But how many of us know that there is a treasure trove of absolutely weird apps in Facebook's App Centre.

By weird we do not mean that they have to be avoided. In fact, user preferences are so varied that deeming any app as useful or wasteful, is a tall ask for the developers as well. They play the guessing game and experiment with all kinds of things!

Why most of us don't know about these incognito apps is that they tread upon user account privacy; which may or may not always be safe option to choose from. Having some entertainment at the behest of privacy lapse is not just what we order.

But one has to atleast know what lies hidden in the App Center. We list here some of the weird apps we found.

1. God Wants You To Know

Published by AllDevotion.com, it has around 1 million users. This is how the product description goes "Hear God talk directly to you through daily messages. Messages to bring you back to love, to strength, to happiness. And in times of need, ask for a prayer, and be supported by the caring prayers of friends around the world you never knew you had".

While we do not want to mess with the divine forces on Facebook, the app is bizarre promoting some God advise sandwiched adequately between commercial ads. So who's God is this?

2. Pot Farm

Oh just don't fall for the name. As wrong as it sounds, this is a perfectly fun filled "underground farming" app. With more than 100,000 players who grow their favorite "green" cash crops like Jellybean Bushes, Sour Diesel, Pizza Flowers, Grandaddy Purple and Bacon Trees, its a virtual "Food for thought" hub. With Farmville being the trending cropping app for the most part, this alter farming app is an unknown entity.

3. myPill

Most of us would have guessed what this is about. Well this is as personal as Facebook apps can get. An exclusive- iOS app available on iPhone and iPad, this helps users set reminders to take the contraceptive pills. For some, it might sound eerie but it is truly a far reaching move by Facebook in collaboration with Bouqt to promote a good personal culture among the users.
If you are a "cats-n-dogs" app user, this is a must look app for you. Both these app provide the ultimate animal-loving "social experience" brought to you by Ooblada.

5. Amateur Surgeon

"Diagnose! Treat! OPERATE! Then brag on Facebook!". This is a fun filled app for those who aspired to be medics but couldn't be one. You don't need a degree nor any fancy medical procedures while playing this game. So users can now have their own life-saving mission on Facebook. Just don't turn into a Frankenstein scientist is all we wish.

6. Foldify

First a surgeon, now a graphic artist, you can be anything you want while using these apps. An app by Pixle, available for iPad users only, "people with or without skills can use, draw, use existing elements to create high quality figures" the 3D way.

7. Pass A Joint

"The Original Weed Game on Facebook", its not child's play. Players get to earn rewards on each joint they roll or smoke, online of course.

You can share with us the wackiest app you used by leaving a comment below. Happy playing !

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