Its no surprise that Apple Inc is set to release a smartphone again in 2013, besides the iPhone Mini shortly. Months back the rumor mills set the date for the iPhone 5S release somewhere in midsummer this year. Adding onto this now, fuels sparked from an IP address, tracked to Apple's Cupertino headquarters, that the firm was now testing newer apps for the upcoming iPhone 6 on a iOS 7.

The real question however comes down to whether Apple will opt in to release a fully upgraded version of its previous iPhones or simply improve its existing model that's same as iPhone 3GS and 4GS. But then what's does the iPhone 5S release in the market imply?

To quote a Forbes.com release "developers have uncovered identifiers that reference iOS 7 and a so-called iPhone 6,1...the iPhone 5 is identified as iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,S represent a different version of the 4G LTE antenna contained within the device." 

Even in the past, Apple introduced the "S" in the iPhone "numbering schemes" to differentiate between the various generations of its phones. The iPhone 3GS was announced preceding the iPhone 4 while the iPhone 4S appeared right before the 5th version's launch.

While the news of iPhone 6 's new features are promising if the rumors stand tall but the industry analysts find this hushed act by Apple a little unconvincing. Why?

LOUIS BEDIGIAN, of the Benzinga Insights opines that Apple has "historically reserved its bigger and more significant upgrades for release for every 20 to 24 months. By releasing the iPhone 6 in 2013, it would forgo the chance to sell an upgraded model of the iPhone 5."

In parallel to Apple's move, not only are consumers starting to expect a better upgrade already but rival companies such as Samsung too are joining the race to build larger devices (6.3-inch display). No doubt, displacing the pro's in the market will not be easy, but it surely will put Apple Inc in a pressure plug situation, forcing it to launch a bigger iPhone device much before it is ready to hit the market. In short, time is ticking but the workload and anticipation continue to build.

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