What do most of us do as we get up each morning? You read your newspaper or go around for a jog/walk.

But Philadelphia-based artist Charlie Layton doesn't follow this routine. That's the thing with these artists and creative people; you just can't figure out when and how they practice or get their muse. For Layton its was a simple freezer door.

Starting out as some simple doodling on his refrigerator using the dry-erase technique, Charlie used his freezer door to recreate some cool artwork of popular characters like Darth Vader, Godzilla, Gremlins and Abominable Snowman in a clean sweep 20-25 minutes time.

It just happened that once a friend popularized his "Freezer Friday" artwork on Reddit that crashed his website literally. Today his designs are printed on t-shirts that look absolutely funky.

Taking his talent to newer heights, Charlie pursued a course in graphic design and illustration under Professor David Jury of the renowned Colchester Institute in Essex, England. He currently works as freelance designer for magazines, IT companies besides designing for local youth football league in Havertown and Philly Roller Girls roller derby team.

We bring to you some of his mindblowing work. Just don't be brain-freezed, yet!

We appreciate this talented artist. Check out his other works on his website.

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