Our readers are fully aware of the fact that we at E-junkie are huge fans of creative and innovative products and that we love featuring those products on our blog as well; the Nature Inspired Spoons, Bedol water-powered clock and handSteady Cups to name a few.

Today, we would like to share another such creative and innovative product which is surely going to spread some sunshine on your breakfast table - SunnySide.

The SunnySide is a silicon egg-shaper that lets the egg yolk stay in a ring and the egg white fill the rest of the cast, making your breakfast look like a piece of art.

Avihai Shurin is the man behind SunnySide, who designed it for Monkey Business. Avihai is a product and industrial designer. According to Avihai, "The idea came from looking for a new way to prepare sunny side eggs. The developing process was mostly focused on finding the exact icon for the sun and clouds and holding the sun (Egg Yolk) in it's place."

The main challenge in front of Avihai while designing SunnySide was to make it not only easy and simple but fun for everyone.

"To make it work I had to solve the "yolk barrier", which is a unique and innovative invention. The goal was to enable breaking the egg in one hole, making the egg-yolk stays in it's ring and the white flow to the rest of the silicon cast" shares Avihai.

It was after so many attempts that Avihai found the exact size of the yolk-barrier space and made sun shining!

Here's a short video that shows how SunnySide makes breakfast not so boring anymore:

There's no doubt that with SunnySide there'll be no breakfast skipping anymore.

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Stay tuned for more of such innovative products from E-junkie.

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