In case you're a Instagram junkie, just like us, then I guess no Instagram-based product goes unnoticed by you. In the past, we have featured products like Cocoagraph, Stitchtagraph, Casetagram and many more.

Our this week's start-up, Printstagram is not just a Instagram-based product but it's the first and the best Instagram printing service available.

Printstagram is a website which was created by two Instagramers, Ben and George who enjoyed having their Instagram photos printed and wanted others to also enjoy the same experience, so therefore they decided to create a platform that allows users to print their Instagram photos in different avatars like a tiny book, calendar, stickers, a collective poster or just prints.

Printstagram is one of the so many cool products and services offered by the Social Print Studio. Printstagram is a start-up which is still in its early phase but they are frequently coming out with new products and update. Accoding to their website, "We continue to develop new products and services to please Instagram’s growing community and maintain our position as the go-to quality photo printing site."

Read on to know more about Printstagram in our exclusive interview with Taymoor, who is a core team member at Social Print Studio.

1. Hi Taymoor, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello! I'm Taymoor. I work at Social Print Studio on projects like Printstagr.am. I help make sure everything runs smoothly in various ways.

2. What is Printstagram? What prompted the founders of Printstagram to come up with it?

Printstagram is a website that allows you to print your Instagram photos. The founders (Ben and George) realized how much fun it was to have their photos printed when they did it themselves, so they created a platform to allow others to do so as well.



3. How is Printstagram different from other social printing service like Printsgram?

Printstagram was the first Instagram printing service available and we continue to strive to be the best. We just have as much fun as possible while we're working and it kind of carries over into our website and products :) Also we really do listen to feedback from our customers everyday!


4. Apart from a web based platform, do you plan to develop interesting apps to use Instagram's resources more easily/widely?

Our new app is coming out oh so soon! It will have a bunch of awesome new printing features not currently available anywhere else. Stay tuned ;)

5. What is the fondest memory that the co-founder(s) have of the process of conceiving Printstagram to having it up and running ?

Staying up all night in a friends apartment in SF, just hanging out, making the site. Goooood times. Also we've built an awesome library of books.



6. Since Printstagram is a start-up and is still in it’s early phase, what are you guys focusing on? Developing new products/services or promoting Printstagram?

We are mostly developing new products/services and fixing bugs as we find them. This year we will be releasing a lot of awesome new services.

7. All your products are wonderful but my personal favorites are Minibook and Instagram Stickers, I’m just curious to know the concept behind the two.

Well, we discussed all the possible printing options with our printing team and these were two concept designs that we just really loved. When you hold the stickers or minibooks in your hands you'll know why.


Instagram Sticker
8. Being a start-up how are you promoting Printstagram? Are you planning on leveraging social networks to promote it?

We have not done too much self promotion at all really. Being that we were the first site to offer such a service, we received a lot of initial response from media outlets and blogs. Also we offered event services early on as well which really helped us get our name out

9. When not working on Printstagram, what activities do you personally enjoy doing? What do you find most relaxing?

When we're not working, we're reading, biking, writing, playing music, running, hiking, gardening, building, or conceptualizing new ideas. We also love to cook.

10. What are on the top shelves of your inspiration library right now? This can be anything from blogs, books and magazines to vintage catalogues/manuals, etc.

We've actually built a design library here in our office. I will literally tell you what's on top of the shelf: Andy Warhol Giant, Steve Jobs Biography, Peter Osborne Conceptual Art, Alfredo Jarr, and Slavoj Žižek Violence. We also really like vinyl records Elvis, The Art Of Belly Dancing, and Crosby Stills and Nash are sitting next to me.

11. What advice would you like to offer to aspiring/budding entrepreneurs?

Don't sleep till your dreams come true.

Thank you Taymoor for taking out the time and doing this interview with us. We'd like to wish you and everyone at Printstagram the very best for the future.

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