Technology surrounds us every moment of our lives. Therefore, it is no surprise that the use of technology to be more efficient and effective as a leader is mandatory. The proper applications can help a manager to manage their own time as well as their team. This allows projects to be monitored, completed, and shared, even when traveling. The following is a lineup of must have applications for developing and established managers.

1. Numbers (Mac, iPad)
Numbers is a comprehensive spreadsheet and graph creator. With 250+ tools, you will have no problem producing visual aids to ensure information is communicated effectively. Numbers is compatible with Microsoft office and offers the option of saving work in PDF format.

2. Keynote (iPad, Mac)
Keynote is software that allows the user to create impressive presentations. Due to it’s compatibility with the Apple iPad this is a great way to increase productivity from anywhere--even on the commuter train. The presentations can be saved in formats that are windows compatible. This increases accessibility by users on any operating system.

3. Evernote (iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
There are lots of note taking programs on the market; however, this particular program is the best. Evernote allows text based memos, or snapshots and its interface is easy to use. This makes taking the notes easy, and finding them later is effortless.

4. WebEx (Mac, Windows, Smart Phone, iPad)
Cisco WebEx makes it possible to conduct a meeting even if you cannot make it to the office. Voice recognition allows the program to highlight the current speaker and allows the user to share visual aids that are up for discussion.

5. Expense Tablet (Ipad)
Take the guesswork out of project expense and expenditures. Expense tablet helps to keep your team and yourself on budget by tracking your expenses. This program also allows monthly overviews.

6. Top Tips (iPhone Only)
Top Tips for iPhone gives managers and those in leadership positions instant access to tons of useful information. This program is almost like having your very own mentor for advice on issues that may arise. This is high-tech leadership development on the go! Top Tips also gives the user instant access to articles and inspirational materials.

7. Action Complete (Web, Android, iPhone)
Not every manager of person in a management role has the luxury of an administrative assistant. Those who do not can still receive that type of support and organization with Action Complete. This task manager will help to track goals and tasks and will even record milestones.

8. Dropbox (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle Fire)
This is necessary have program for managers on the move. Your job does not stop when you are away from the office, you are still responsible for various tasks and projects and you need to continue to monitor them. Dropbox allows users to upload files to a common server. These files can then be downloaded, changed, viewed, and more.

If you are not using the technology available to you in order to improve your leadership and team management, you need to change that now. There are so many programs available that users with any degree of technological aptitude can find a program that is both useful and within the users comfort level.

Author Bio:Kate Simmons is a freelance writer mainly interested in topics related to business, management and leadership. She is currently pursuing university studies.

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