"Deadlines! Balance-sheets! Turnover! Incentives!"

Are you one of those entrepreneurs being chased by such haunting words always? It isn't a happy-go-lucky situation being married to your work 24/7.  Working to improve one's enterprise is an important task no doubt, but what most businessmen forget is to take a breather once in a while.

As the year is drawing to an end, it is a time for businesses to look back at how they fared. If you are one of those small time businesses who still believe in keeping up your spirits high despite an average performance, a little motivation is just what the doctor ordered for you.

A self styled cartoonist, his work pumps in that proverbial optimism into businesses, with a touch of humour of course. Well when life offers you lemons, you make lemonade and Anderson just did that!

He took a crucial plunge into selling humor his way; giving up a musical career that was going downhill with a score of odd jobs that came his way. But his passion for cartoons stayed on. A little doodling at a coffee table is what gave him the necessary push to seriously consider cartooning as a career option. With his works gaining popularity, Mark chose to become a stay-at-home dad. His works have seen the light of the day in renowned magazines such as Forbes, Reader's Digest, The Wall Street Journal to name a few. Currently, he operates Andertoons.com from Chicago.

Mark Anderson's cartoons will tickle your funny bone surely. Taken from his everyday experiences; a phrase by the manager or a funny team meeting, the cartoons are simple and easy to relate to.

Here are some of his works we found interesting. And Mark gives a small tidbit about each one too.

1. End Of November

“Turkey on the phone… End of November… November… OH! Thanksgiving! That WOULD be bad for him! Ha!”

2. The Bar Just Fell Over 

I was drawing another bar graph cartoon and my hand slipped a bit and one bar ended up much wider than the rest but then it occurred to me that I now had a whole different take on this kind of cartoon. Why was that one wider? What did it mean? Was it a mistake?

3. It's a Dog Eat Dog World

This one is self explanatory.

4. Taking Business Baby Steps

This cartoon was a freebie from a meeting I was actually in. The manager was rolling out some new strategy and it was a fairly big change. "…so we’re going to be taking baby steps for a while," she said. Immediately my brain kicks out "then we should order some booties" and I raised my hand feigning something to add.

5. The Higher-Ups want to See you

If a boss wants to see you, that’s one thing. Management wants to see you? Getting worse. But the higher-ups? Oh boy, you’re in for it, pal. So with this cartoon, I played with the idea that higher-ups weren’t necessarily something to be concerned about, they were just literally higher up. Maybe they're really tall? Or possibly up on some sort of raised platform? In any case, a ladder is probably a good idea, and it’s easier to draw than a trampoline.

6. The Invisible Hand of the Market

  1) Invisible hand of the market at bar talking to person, "You know, for the right price I could be the translucent hand of the market."
  2) Giant see through hand to therapist, "The invisibility is fine, but the market just drives me crazy."
  3) Dog to another, "So I bit the invisible hand of the market the other day and stocks go up. Go figure."
  So you take the invisible hand from all three, add the dog from the third and the therapist from number two, and you get what I hope is the best of the bunch.

Do share with us your funny experiences in the workplace. 

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