As a writer and blogger what's your prime concern whenever you sit down to write? A clear communication of ideas, right. Moreover, if you have your own blog or website, the concerns soar just a notch up. Not everyone who visits the web pages can read or completely understand what's been written. The real constraint in most cases is the "Language Barrier".

If one looks at the big picture, what has been the biggest chink in the Internet's armor that made it a quick-sweep phenomena worldwide in such a short span of time ? Literally the last three decades have been pioneering in this regard.

The immediate answer that strikes is the Internet's appeal to people accross a plethora of languages. Language is often deemed as a common problem when people of different nationalities want to interact. Isn't it! But the world today has traversed a road that cuts down such hassles. As a reader, sitting in any nook and corner of the world, interested in knowing about anything under the sky, is a click's game nowadays.

Coming onto the thing about writer's concerns. One always wants a wide audience to listen and absorb your thoughts, engage in a dialogue so that inter-cultural differences vanish. As a active participant in the blogging scene, E-junkie.info, like many other bloggers and writers have been greatly helped by the constant innovations in the CMS (Content Management System) tools.

For amateurs and pro's alike, WordPress.com is a boon no doubt. Founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003, it is the most popular blogging tool that offers a compatible template and plug-in architecture for anyone who wants to play with words. Currently, top 1 million websites and 22% of all new websites are managed by WordPress. How many of us knew that!

Well having a tool in place, will not automatically generate desirable results. The raging trend as most of us are aware is social media networking. But where most of lag behind is its utilization, especially Small Businesses.

Having an effective translation plug-in offers the blogger or Businesses with their own websites, garner a larger audience in a subtle manner. Moreover, unless a person is surfing the Web for some real time pleasure and knowledge, nobody would wait to explore translation options, if its not already provided for. This seriously breaks the chain of interest. Many of us never bother with this problem. If you are a popular site, the loss of one or two visitors wouldn't really cause a big ripple effect. But start ups and SMBs, having their promotional blogs, need to watch each and every corner like a hawk.

Here are the top 5 translation based plug-ins that will help you reach out to new users by easily translating your valuable info into multiple languages, adding a new cue to your popularity ratings. And rest assured, none of them will slow down the working of your website.

1. Google Translator

Like most Google features and tools, this plug-in is a real savior. The target countries and their languages covered by Google is vast. So if you are on this planet, with a good enough net connection, translation of blog content or any webpage is a very simple exercise, made easy by Google's Translator. Bloggers can insert the Translator straight into the sidebars for the reader's comfort. Additionally, the AJAX translator allows posts, comments and webpages to be converted into as many as 52 languages.

2. Global Translator

Here is some huge statistic for starts. Reports suggest that as many as 457,126 downloads of this plug-in tool has been done so far globally. This translator, depending on the language of the webpage and the translation engine the user chooses, offers as many as 48 languages that the content can be easily translated.

3. Transposh

 A common problem that most readers face even after using translation tools, is the quality of translation that is available. Most times they end up content that is very literally or superficially translated. Well this translation filter for WordPress takes care of this aspect very well. It offers a combo of "automatic human translation by users with an easy to use in-context interface". The users simply have to select their country's flag icon to get started.

4. ConveyThis 

WordPress recently included this plug-in for its users. ConveyThis is an absolutely free translation button powered by Google Translate that's easily installable on web pages. It allows quality translations across 50 languages.

5. Bens Translator

  Like the other plug-ins available accross WordPress, this one is equally incredible. What's more interesting is the fact that this translator tool actually makes indexing by Google and other SEO's easy to increase traffic, mostly organic. How ? Blogger Igor Ovsyannykov explains that "pages are cached by your webserver and displayed as a normal webpage". Well what more can Businesses wish for, but this!

We hope that the list was a worthwhile compilation. If we missed out on something better than this and you are aware of it, do share the valuable info with us. You can also share your thoughts if you agree about  the workability of these plug-ins , based on your user experiences.

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