I’ve been writing and selling eBooks online since 2004. To date, I’ve written well over 50. One of the things I started doing in 2009/2012 (once I had around a dozen or so titles under my belt) was bundling them, which increased my sales. FYI, this is one advantage of producing a lot of titles – you exponentially expand the options in your eBook marketing arsenal.

What Is eBook Bundling?

In case you don’t know, bundling is selling two or more titles for “one low price.” Following are four tips for successfully bundling your eBooks – and selling more.

Bundle Like Products: For example, I’ve written half a dozen or more titles on self-publishing. They cover everything from how to write an eBook; to how to set up an eBook affiliate program on
E-junkie; to how to minimize eBook returns; to how to create professional (but cheap) eBook covers.

I bundled all of these into a “self-publishing package” because ostensibly, if you want to know how to write an eBook, then you also want to know how to create a good cover for it; how to get more sales (eg, recruit affiliates); how to make sure your eBook return rate stays low; etc., right?

So this all-in-one package gives aspiring self-publishers everything they need – from writing their eBook to getting it online and selling it.

Bundle Complementary eBooks: This is different from bundling “like” products. For example, one of my eBook bundles includes an eBook on how to become an SEO writer and how to make money managing social media accounts for clients.

These two eBooks complement each other because many clients who want SEO content also need someone to manage their social media accounts. And, who better to distribute content via social media than the person who created it (ie, the SEO writer)?

See what I mean?

Choose a Lead Title: Usually, I have a “lead title” (a main eBook) that prompts me to bundle several titles together. This eBook is almost always priced higher than the “supporting titles” and the reason it’s chosen as the lead title is because it’s a “hot seller.”

For example, How to Write an eBook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week — Really! is the main title in my self-publishing package. As a standalone title, it retails for $34.95, and does pretty well on its own.

The other titles in this package retail for $6.97, $6.97 and $9.95 separately. They don’t sell as well as the main title – NOT because of the information, but because before any of these titles are relevant, an eBook must be written.

So, choose your lead title wisely. Again, this will usually be dictated by your sales numbers.

eBook Marketing Tip: If you have a title that is a runaway hit (ie, a hot seller), write other eBooks that complement this one so you can bundle them.

Price Your eBook Bundle Correctly: Now, this can be a bit dicey. It’s something I experiment with all the time because it’s not an exact science and depends on so much.

Using the self-publishing package referenced above, all titles sold separately retail for $58.84. The bundled eBook package is $39.95. How did I arrive at this sales price? To be honest, I wanted a big enough of a discount that potential buyers would take note. I once read that buyers don’t even express interest until a sales price is at least 25% off.  So I priced this eBook package right at around 33% off.

This is a number that I think gets people’s attention – and for those who are serious about writing and selling eBooks online, it’s a great deal.

Again, though, pricing eBooks to sell is ongoing trial and error.

eBook Pricing Tip: A trend I’ve noticed is that the lead/main title of a bundled package will still outsell the bundle – sometimes by a lot, sometimes they’re almost even. What this says to me is that bundling does increase sales simply because every “eBook bundle” you sell is a sale you probably would not have gotten if you didn’t have that particular offer.

I looked back at four of my bundled package offerings as I was preparing this post and the bundled packages only lagged behind the lead title offerings by less than 10 sales in three cases. In these cases, my sales were almost double.

Conclusion: Bundling eBooks to Sell More Online

I think bundling eBooks helps you sell more online because consumers like a bargain. And, if you use the “infomercial approach” (ie, pile on more until the buyer just can’t say no), then you can exponentially increase your online eBook sales.

As always, I hope this self-publishing insight helps you sell more eBooks.

On a personal note, this is my last post here this year, so enjoy the remainder of the holiday season, and I’ll see you back here next year. I’ll be posting twice a month come January, so be sure to bookmark my profile to get more first-hand info on everything from self-publishing – to freelance writing, internet marketing – and more!

Author Bio: 
Yuwanda has written and self-published over 50 eBooks. If you found the info here insightful,  get more in the complete self-publishing package -- which will help you not only write an eBook in a few days, but learn how to market it and start getting sales within a week – really! Also, feel free to contact her with your eBook writing and self-publishing questions. 

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