Shopping season is in full swing and so are digital marketers loaded with all kinds of marketing tactics that quite frankly can get pretty annoying. According to Google, online shopping should be as easy as shopping in real life, people should be able to pick what they need from digital shelf as easily as from a shelf in a supermarket.

To make this point a little more clearer (specially for online sellers), Google Analytics has shared few videos demonstrating how online shopping feels like in real life. They highlight all the wrong steps taken by digital marketers who hope to sell more items and in the process end up frustrating a potential customer. The obstacles created from finding a product on a website to checking out are too many; while most steps are imperative to authenticate a transaction but there are couple of steps that can eliminated for a better customer experience.

'Bad Site Search' 

One of the example illustrated by Google Analytics here is the 'browse' or 'search' option on a website. Although most websites ensure that they categorize their products in the easiest way possible but yet customers struggle to find what they are looking for.

"A search box can be a goldmine of information because each time visitors search your site, they tell you in their own words what they are looking for." shares Google. Check out this video to see how a customer looking for a simple 'semi-skimmed millk' gets flustered by 'search' and 'advanced search' options:

"A Poor Landing Page"

This is perhaps the most important step to ensure a sale on a website and yet websites confuse a customer who is unable to find what he's looking for. Performance of landing page must meet user expectations, else annoyance will lead them to some other shop.

"Be sure your ad text leads visitors to a page that matches what was featured in the ad." explains Google. Check out this video to see how Nick is unable to find what he's looking for:

"Impossible Online Checkout"

Now this is something that many customers will be able to relate to. Sometimes websites tend to ask for too much information from a customer who in all possibilities is in a hurry to complete the transaction (why else would he be shopping online?).

I think that having a simple checkout process can do wonders to an online business, and this video couldn't have made it clearer. Have a look:

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