Its always around the Christmas time that everyone's creativity is at it's best as its the one time of the year when you get to see the best holiday decoration.

Santa with his reindeers riding your roof, Santa on the chimney, elves in the garden or crazy lights all over the roof; all you see is holiday decorations around.

Just like my coffee this morning, I had a weird looking Santa in my coffee, waving at me (something remotely opposite to the image on the left). And the next thing I could think of was 'The Addam's Family' and their weird Christmas decorations; dry Christmas Tree and Uncle Fester dressed up as Santa.

I guess... it was the Addam's Family that started the 'Modern Day Christmas' and modern here doesn't means celebrating Christmas differently but it's all about giving a nightmarish touch to your Christmas decorations; talking snowman, evil reindeers, ugly Santa and what not.

Here are some weird and evil holiday decorations, from across the internet:

Happy viewing!

Santa or Satan

Zombie Snowman

Eye of Sauron Ornament

Zombie Christmas Wreath

Spaghetti Monster

Creepy Doll Face Ornaments

Sick Santa

Evil Reindeers

If you have some bizarre holiday decoration ideas, then do share them with us in the comment section below. 

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