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This year we noticed that as far as the app world is concerned things were a little bland as opposed to last year, perhaps because most of the best ideas have already been taken. Nevertheless, there were few interesting and even fewer useful apps seen this year.

Through out the year, other than sharing vital information on app development, we continued sharing mobile and web applications hoping that they will help in making your life a little more organized, while adding a fun element combined with usability. And like every year, we've rounded up some of the best apps of 2012 for you. Have a look and do share your favorites with us:


It may sound materialistic and shallow, but the fact of life is that, 'money' is one of the biggest motivator for human beings. Two young Harvard students, Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer learnt this from a 'Behavioral Economics' class and founded a very effective app for workouts called GymPact. If you tell people that lack of exercise makes you unhealthy, they will probably nod in agreement and forget about it, but if you tell them that lack of exercise makes you lose money...you'll probably see them hitting the gym everyday. And if you tell them that exercising will pay you as well, you'll see them running to the gym.

GymPact's concept is based on this idea. GymPact has over 40,000 gyms in their database, that covers about 70% gyms in the US. Every week, you commit to a workout schedule/pact, (one day workout for 30 minutes is the minimum requirement), you choose how much penalty you will pay for not following this pact (minimum $5 for each missed visit) and if you manage to stick to the routine, you will be awarded with winning money. (Link)

Interview with founder of GymPact


Most of us judge a movie by its trailer. No matter how many posters we come across or read reviews by best of critics, we always come back to YouTube. Similarly, when we are about to download an application on our smartphone, the best we can do is check out the screenshots, read the description, and read reviews by those who've already downloaded it. Now, wouldn't it make sense to simply check out a video to see what the app is all about?

A start-up called Vungle is here to bring such a platform to mobile app developers. They also highlight the fact that even if a developer does make the effort to create a video for his/her app, the cost factor is always a challenge. Vungle on the other hand helps developers to cost-effectively create punchy and professional 15-sec video trailers. The USP of this app is that, developers can also monetize through these trailers.

Vungle provides an in-app video advertising platform that allows developers to earn some money by sharing their app's video trailer. (Link)


What do you reckon will be the best cocktail to drink while listening to The Beatles? Well, I'd never thought about this before, usually my chosen poison is more or less the same for any music I listen to.

But Drinkify seems to have a different take on music and drinks, they have numerous suggestions for different bands or artists we love. Bruce Springsteen for example sounds perfect while sipping cognac on the rocks.

Drinkify is a fun web app that not only recommends the perfect cocktail (with recipe) for your favorite musician but also plays the music in the background. These recommendations are brought to you by using APIs and tools from Last.fm and echonest.com. Of course there are chances that you may not agree with their recommendations but then it's a fun app to play around with. (Link)


If you're planning to stay home and do some changes here and there in your house, then Houzz is your assistant. Houzz is a free iPhone app with a huge collection of interior design ideas at the tips of your fingers.  The Wikipedia of interior and exterior design.

Too many DIYs for all your needs, just scroll down till you get what you want. (Link)


Bluff Cam has the capability of measuring the heart rate of poker players, thereby helping them in achieving that perfect 'poker face'. It uses a technology called 'Vital signs camera technology' that displays whether a player is under pressure or not during a game. It detects micro-changes in the color of the player's skin.

This app can potentially take a player's bluffing skills to a whole new level.

According to Daniel Cowen, Director of Communications of Bluff Cam, "The app has already been endorsed by Pro Poker players, including William Reynolds, Professional Poker Player and winner of the 2010 PCA High Roller Championship." Using the phone's camera, a player can easily measure his/her heart rate, which can help them remain calm and composed, even when their cards show a Royal Flush. (Link)


With social networking chocking everyone with information and communication overload, one rarely stops and considers a new app that aims to 'amplify' thoughts and ideas. Echoer, is a free iOS app that allows you see what other people are thinking in the areas around you. You can learn what others are experiencing in near-by places and add your own thoughts to it.

For example, you are about to step into a restaurant for the first time and would like to learn about the best dish served in there, or perhaps what dish to avoid. Through Echoer, you can read thoughts of people sitting in that restaurant in real-time. This works for any physical location around you, be it the airport, subway, amusement park or a music fest in your town. Overall Echoer is a great combination of geo-location information, social networking and mobile connectivity, they like to call this assortment 'Thought-ocracy". A concept where people are free to say what they actually feel and leave to others to decide whether that thought counts or not. (Link)

Curious Hat

Curious Hat as the name suggests develops interactive and educational mobile apps for the curious kid mind. Curious Hat is a young start-up and the brainchild of Luca Prasso and Erwan Maigret, two veterans of the animation and computer graphic industry.

Curious Hat started with Color Vacuum that was launched in May, 2012 and over the time have developed more applications like PHLIP and Eye Paint. Curious Hat's main aim is to engage children with the real world around them using the new technologies as exploration tools and create new opportunities of interaction between adults and children. (Link)

Interview with founders of Curious Hat


The quest to strike off everything from our to-do list feels nothing less than Frodo's trip to Mordor. What usually happens is that, we tend to keep adding tasks to our to-do list without actually finishing even half of them. Then comes a time that the list becomes so overwhelming that we start ignoring it and right away filter out the most important tasks, write it on a post-it note and stick it up to the computer.

This habit is the inspiration behind this app called Stky, that aims to "save you from yourself".

It's pretty simple actually! Everyday start with a fresh sticky note, you can add as many tasks as you want, strike off whatever you've managed to accomplish during the day. Even if you are not able to make it through the entire list, the next day you have a fresh start with a blank sticky. The incomplete tasks automatically go into a 'drawer', and everyday you can pull out selective tasks from this drawer and schedule your day accordingly. (Link)


The creators of Fooducate like to call it a 'dietitian on speed dial'. This is an app for all those who are very particular about health food. It's quite simple to use, all you need to do is scan the barcode of a product, the app will then bring you precise information about what exactly is inside that product.

You can see its nutrition grade, check out the bad and good qualities of that product, it suggests you healthier alternatives, and quite interestingly shares detailed info like: excessive sugar, trans fats, addictive, preservatives, food coloring and other info about a product that a manufacture wouldn't want you to notice. "Just pick up a product from the shelf, scan it, and let Fooducate do the rest." assures their website. (Link)

Chef's Feeds

Food critics and user-generated reviews aren't always the best sources to help you decide on what to eat and where. The best food critics are the chefs themselves, and this app is a 'chef-driven restaurant guide' that brings recommendations from hundreds of local chefs from best food cities in the US. 

"Chefs Feed goes straight to the source: the people whose job is to know food inside and out." shares the Chef's Feed website. (Link)


iWrecked is an iPhone app and your personal auto accident assistant. The moment your involved in an accident, you can easily lo-gin the details and information, take tonnes of photos of the accident scene and your damaged vehicle.

This app generates a detailed accident report along with the images as a PDF format and sends it to your insurance company. This app even helps you find a taxi or a towing company. (Link)


This one new mobile app is for keepers. Ptch is a free mobile app that lets you create a short video using your favorite photos and videos with music and style. A perfect way to share the story of your life through videos. You can use images and video clips from your iPhone and social feeds and combine them together to make a 60 seconds long video known as a Ptch.

A Ptch can be shared, edited and mixed up with a variety of music and style to give it a personalized look.  You can even add titles, captions and comments. Ptch is just like a instagram for videos. (Link)

That's all folks! These were some of the most useful and fun apps of 2012. If you think that we missed out on some good apps out here, then do share them with us in the comment section below. 

Stay tuned for many more fun 2012 roundups.
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