Small businesses online today must be heaving a sigh of relief thanks to the service provided by hosting companies like Go Daddy, HostMonster, and Hub among others.

These companies have been able to provide economical web hosting plus fantastic service to these mom-and-pop business clients.
The first web hosts among equals

Yes, BlueHost, Hostgator and InMotion are three of the best ranked web hosting companies in the year 2012. Now specifically some of the areas in which these web hosting companies have excelled besides pricing, which has taken them to the very top of the 2012 list include: ease of use, bandwidth plus storage space as well as customer support. In the case of BlueHost it was ranked by Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com (TCWH) as its best web-hosting firm for the year 2012. Here are three of the 2012 best-ranked web-hosting companies for small businesses in no particular order:


BlueHost is a web-hosting company that has existed for 16+ years serving more than 2 million clients worldwide. It offers shared web-hosting to its customers. And, with this kind of experience this company is well poised to offer quality service to its customers. In addition to this, BlueHost is said to have invested more than $20 million to build three dedicated data-centers. Making it the only shared web-hosting company to have done so. A strong feature BlueHost has is quick website setup.


Hostgator was founded sometime in 2002 and has managed more than 2 million domains. It offers basic webhosting packages. This way you don’t have to pay more for regular or standard services. Its far-reaching control panel is well suited for people that are experienced webmasters as well as novices. A great benefit with Hostgator is the fact that it offers free demos of its ccontrol panel, plus site builder. This makes it possible for potential clients to see for themselves what the services offered to them are.


This web-hosting service was established in the year 2001. And it offers several packages with various features as well as pricing, so you can choose what suits you best. One good feature with InMotion is the absence of its control panel on its site unlike that of other web-hosting service providers. Now this prevents distraction allowing customers to focus on setting-up their websites.

What to look out for when selecting a web-hosting service

One can certainly be overwhelmed while selecting one of the many web-hosting services out there. Even with a list of the best you will only be choosing one. Now making a choice as to who to go with will require basically two things. Firstly, you will need to pay attention to what your needs are and secondly, how the service would scale in the future as your business grows. So here are two common features that good webhosting services have:      

Up-time guarantee

Having reliable webhosting service that is affordable is desired by all businesses; whether they are small or big. This is especially true if you have ever experienced down-times on a continuous basis with your website. And, so one good way to measure how reliable a webhosting firm is has to do with its up-time as well as up-time guarantee. Now the importance of the uptime guarantee reflects the confidence of hosting provider as this shows that the company in question believes in its own performance.


Top-notch webhosting will mean you will almost never require support. And, whenever you do need this, it should be available around-the-clock. In other words, support is available 24/7. And, although engaging the services of a webhosting firm with a great support will usually mean paying a little bit more this is certainly well-worth it if you consider what you stand to lose without it during downtimes and what have you.

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