Here's some chicken soup for the "techno-douchebags". Strictly no offence intended here. Rather, being called a douche-bag is fast becoming a savvy term.

You are seriously playing a game, and an ad pops up on your screen.

You click on a window and the unnecessary pop up draws you away from your work.

How annoying! I'm sure most of us have raised an eyebrow or spitted a few of those X-rated words nonchalantly. Seen that, done that!

There are two sides to this saga.

If you are a seller, online marketing is your bunny to push around for commercial success. Ads are the easiest, cheapest and a timeless promotion
strategy. With Digital Sharecropping being the in-thing nowadays, businesses especially small business rely heavily on ads with Pay-per-click mechanism as an add-on to their coffers.

The other analogy is that of the customer. Well let's accept the biting reality. Not all ads are peppy or eye catchy. For most of us, its a drag! Or else another of those fancy things that appear on the nooks of the web page. Do we actually bother to give it a glance? Nahh!

Shelf life of online marketing is minimal. With attention spans of less than nano seconds, the sellers have it difficult. They need a stiletto-styled strategy as a ready reckoner to cope with whatever comes their way. Its painful to wear all the time yet adds to the aesthetic beauty.

Why did we talk all of this in the first place?

Ad filtering, thats what we are trying to get at.

To put it in the simplest of terms ad filtering is straining away of unrequired advertising content off a webpage. All major browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari target in-built technologies such as Flashwave, media files that deliver ads, targeting URLs to alter the behaviour pattern of digital media content.

The news that's acting as an irritant for most businesses is the AdBlock Plus software, a serial eliminator of web ads. This is soon to be unleashed on mobile ads and the ad app is now available on Android OS as well.

The idea, though in its pilot phase, will likely add to the monetization woes on mobile devices. Commercial hotshots like Facebook and Google too are facing the heat to make advertising a success. As always there is a catch.

Ad filtering or add blocking can be an one-shot winning strategy that make or break businesses. AdBlock Plus will eliminate ads that are considered  “intrusive”. Rooted devices however are likely to escape this browbeating move. This means that the user, like an smartphone owner,is free to command the way the app on his/her tablet or device functions.

How does this actually work? As people involved in commerce, is it beneficial?

The most common filtering method is blocking the auto play function on Flash  (audio or video files) while advanced techniques like listing - Black-listing, White-listing and regular extension filters serve the cause well.

From the user's perspective, ad filtering is a boon in toto. It facilitates quicker and cleaner loading of webpages, optimizing bandwidth costs, faster connectivity as well as greater privacy through anti tracking and profiling safeguards.

When it comes to taking the case of the entrepreneurs, the imbalance is a stark reality. Sophisticated anti-spam measures that target such ads are a bane to businesses, especially advertisers, who loose out those money bags that they could have cashed on. On a more personal note, every entrepreneur invests an emotional energy into his/her venture. The loss of market due to such regulatory mechanisms is a tad bit discouraging any day.

Coming back to where we began. The new bite. To premeditate the scope of the AdBlock Plus in a totally negative light will be spelling disaster much in advance. The app can face traction problems on mobile platforms and has a long way to go in grounding its popularity among users.

Till then the operators can take a breather.

Take a look at the video to learn more about Adblock Plus

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