What if money grew on trees, I bet things would be all green around, everyone would be planting trees and the the richness of a person would be judged by the number of trees that he owns in his backyard/garden. Well, in reality this is impossible but there does exists a place on this earth where you'll find coins growing on trees (that's how I felt when I first saw the images).

There are several forests in UK (especially in and around Cumbria and Portmeirion), where passersby have been stopping for centuries hammering coins into trees. These trees are known as 'Wishing Trees'.

No body knows the purpose or the exact origin of the Money Trees. But as the folktale goes there used to live a huge serpent in the forest who used to eat the travelers passing the forest, so in order to ensure safe passage, the pixies would apply an invisibility charm on the travelers and the travelers in return paid a small toll by placing coins into the trees. And if someone takes a coin out, he would have to suffer the wrath of the pixies.

Even today, local people passing the forest follow the ritual. Here are some glimpses of the Money Trees and make sure to place a coin in the trees, if you happen to pass by these forests.

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