Coming from a family of military men I understand how difficult it can get for veterans to transition into civilian jobs.

To make things a little easier for veterans and also for employers looking for veterans, National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) and Military Alumni have come together to launch a website HireVeteran.com.

In celebration of Veterans Day on 11th Nov, NaVOBA announced this campaign to connect 3 million veteran-owned small businesses with veterans seeking job opportunities in local communities. "Small business is the driving force that powers our economy and holds the vast majority of jobs. We're bringing military hiring solutions to where it's needed most, the local level." shares HireVeterans.com.

The website allows veteran-owned businesses to post job opportunities and also conduct profile searches. Business owners can specify the skills and backgrounds they need in a candidate. Service members and veterans on the other hand can search for job opportunities based on the skills they've possessed and honed during their service in the military.

NaVOBA's President, Chris Hale shares that "As a veteran and business owner, you understand the practical value that military experience brings to business. Vetrepreneurs have a strong desire to hire their fellow veterans, and the Hire Veteran website now makes that all possible and very efficient."

What makes website a perfect platform for veterans is that fact that the employers looking for candidates are veteran entrepreneurs, therefore they completely understand what a military personnel goes through while transitioning into a civilian lifestyle. Even if the candidate is not fully aware of how he or she can best apply his/her skills to a particular job, a veteran-employer can always help them understand the advantages of their skills and they can make the best use of it.

"Veterans are sought-after employees, but they don’t always know where their skills can best be applied," shares Sean Collins, Business Development Director for veteran-owned business association. "The real value proposition for military members is being able to transition into something that is more familiar."

Brianne Phillis, an Army veteran who recently found a new career while working with veteran-owned business shares that, "I’m a proud Army veteran and a registered member of Hire Veteran. HireVeteran.com provides real value to service members."

"During my career change I was concerned about replacing the camaraderie and esprit de corps of the Army, but working at a veteran-owned business was a natural fit.".

Interested veteran business owners can register the job opportunities in their company for free, while veterans looking for jobs can browse through several options available at HireVeterans.com.

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