Wave Accounting, a free online accounting software  for small businesses has recently announced its integration with Etsy. Using their latest tools, Etsy shop owners can now manage their accounting with ease and free of charge. It makes bookkeeping a lot easier for vendors, it keeps a close track on all the sales transactions, and also brings you automatically generated sales tax reports.

"After signing up 300,000+ small businesses for its free online accounting software, Wave Accounting is thrilled to announce its new integration, made specifically for Etsy vendors." shares Wave Accounting.

Here are some basic features brought to you by Wave and its integration with Etsy:

  • Etsy transactions in Wave include a link back to the original Etsy sale, making everything easy to understand.
  • No more manual entry of your sales records into a spreadsheet or accounting program; no missed transactions; no human-error typos.
  • Sales tax reports are generated automatically.
  • You can connect your PayPal account, too; Wave’s smart technology filters out duplicate records to make your bookkeeping simple.
  • Lots of time-saving tools, like free and unlimited bank connections.
  • Manage all parts of your business, including Etsy-related expenses like supplies, and other deductible expenses like computers, home-office space and more.
  • Keep track of non-Etsy sales, too.
  • Unlimited, professional invoicing and expense tracking.
  • Wave also includes personal finance tracking, so you can stay on top of your entire financial picture easily. 
Check out this video below to see how you can connect your Etsy account with Wave Accounting:

According to David H. Freedman from New York Times:

"That’s really handy for expense accounting, and it also provides a nice check on whether you’re properly entering the payments you receive by trying to match them to actual bank deposits. And, even though I’d say the service is well worth paying for, it’s free."

What I found interesting was Wave Accounting's infographic sharing some facts about Etsy and its sales last year:


There is no doubt that these tools brought to you by Wave will help you making your accounting a lot easier and less messier; a smart business owner always knows what going on in the accounts department and easy-to-use-and-understand tools like this ensures there are more and more smart entrepreneurs around us.

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