Many people who start an online presence do not consider their business needs first.  Their first consideration is how to provide for their customers.  There is no doubt that this is important but without a careful consideration of the business needs of your own company you can end up going in the wrong direction.

There are many different faces of the online community and without knowing what your particular business needs are you may even be missing out on an opportunity that could truly enhance your business.

A common misconception about Digital Marketing is that it is easy.  All you have to do is put up your site and then orders will start flooding in.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  While putting up a website will not take as much blood and sweat as building a brick and mortar facility it still requires a bit of analyzing and planning to make it a success.

Before your launch your online campaign you need to decide just exactly what you would like to accomplish through your site.  Your business needs and goals should be one of the primary considerations before setting up your online presence.

Does your business need to reduce advertising costs?  Then you may want to consider more than just a website.  A website can give you a definite online presence but it will require more than just sitting there to get people to find you.  Email marketing for example, can help to drive people to your site.

Will your site be a source of information?  You might need to provide links to other sites that share similar goals.  Perhaps you can provide a blog that will have regulars coming back daily or weekly to find new pearls of wisdom.

Of course, any business who wants a website needs to increase their visibility.  You will want to raise customer awareness of your products or services.  But did you know that you could have a free interaction with customers through your site?  You can provide surveys, room for comments or even a forum where customers can help each other to get their questions answered.

Maybe you need to be on top of how new marketing strategies or changes are affecting your company’s growth.  If that is the case, another consideration for your business needs is your online traffic.  In any business, careful monitoring of customer traffic can say a lot about how well your site is delivering on your needs.  With trackers on your site you can see if your marketing campaign or design is attracting business or deterring it allowing you to make changes in real time rather than waiting for sometimes months for statistical reports to be given to you.  By then the amount of money in lost business could be quite substantial.

Remember, with your web presence you are now open for business 24/7 and you don’t even have to be there!  Your customer can find what they need, get directions to your location, pay their bills or even track deliveries without ever talking to a live person.  Giving your customer what they need will in the end give you what you need if you have designed your site well.

No matter what your particular needs are for having a Digital presence online, if you have analyzed your needs and incorporated them into your Web presence, you will find a Digital Marketing strategy to suit those needs.  The main advantage of considering this before setting up your web presence is that it will save you lots of time and money.

About the Author:
Annetta Powell is a success coach of real estate investing, network marketing and internet marketing. For the last ten years she has been very successful in all these fields. You can find more about her marketing approach and training in her personal blog AnnettaPowellOnline.com

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