We all love dogs, unless you're allergic to them or bitten by one. Just kidding!

The best thing about dogs is that they are always there for you, they listen to you, bark-talk with you, charm you with their innocence and leave behind a mess for you to clean. I know that feeling, I hate it when my dog does something like that, especially when chews my shoes. No matter how many times I tell him not to do that, he'll hit the shoes the moment I turn my back on him. I so want to teach him a lesson but can't help giving up in front of that cute face. And I know this feeling is mutual with almost all dog owners.

I recently came across this new Tumblr blog - Dog Shaming, a treat for dog owners. This blog collects pictures from across the internet of bad dogs, caught in the act and being shamed at with a sign giving details of their misdeeds.

What I personally like about this page is that there are certain instances when you see an image and you are like, 'Hey, my dog does the same thing!'. Here are some hilarious images from the blog:

Happy Viewing!

For more of these funny pictures, check out their website.
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