Just few days back, we'd published an eBook featuring all Instagram products, services and apps that we've shared on our blog. There were iPhone cases, pillows, Instagram and Pinterest mash-up website, location based Instagram photo-booth and many more.

Just when we published that eBook I came across two more interesting Instagram based products: Stickygram and Coastermatic.

They are completely different ideas by two different companies leveraging the Instagram fad.


A service that transforms your Instagram images into magnets that can light up anybody's kitchen. "Our unique process produces a flexible yet durable magnet that displays the quality of your original images. Stick them on your fridge, locker or any magnet loving surface you can find." shares the website.

You can get your set (9 magnets) of personalized Stickygrams for $14.99.



Coastermatic transforms your Instagram images into coasters that can bring a new life to your coffee table. The material used for the coasters is sandstone. "We digitally print onto stone using a dot-matrix style process. If you look at them super close-up, you may notice the dots. At a coaster distance they look flawless." shares the website.

For $25 you can get yourself a set of 4 coasters.


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3 Responses to 'Turn Your Instagram Pictures into Magnets & Coasters'

  1. http://www.e-junkie.info/2012/08/turn-your-instagram-pictures-into.html?showComment=1345194351939#c5210891931455781845'> August 17, 2012 at 2:05 AM

    If you like magnets you can also give getpicpack.com a try. 12 magnets, 58x58mm size with rounded corners for €18 incl. shipment


  2. http://www.e-junkie.info/2012/08/turn-your-instagram-pictures-into.html?showComment=1345223632867#c8423442878379054816'> August 17, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    I really like the idea, awesome!


  3. Ejunkieblog Said,
    http://www.e-junkie.info/2012/08/turn-your-instagram-pictures-into.html?showComment=1345561325083#c5333026992276097730'> August 21, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    Yeah, incredible ideas! We're about to share many more Instagram inspired products. Stay tuned! :)


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