We are big fans of alarm clocks that find creative ways to make sure that you manage to get out of bed at time, every morning. Some of our favorites have been the Danger Bomb clock, adorable Clocky and poetic Dreamtime alarm clock.

Today we found another innovative clock called 'Ramos', that is designed to make sure that you literally have to get out of bed, walk all the way to your bathroom or any other room and punch in a code. Only then will you be able to get rid of that annoying sound every morning.

Someone has rightfully said that 'necessity is the mother of all invention' and Ramos is a perfect example. Paul Sammut, a 25-year-old engineer from NY tried his level best to work with many alarm clocks available in the market today, but all in vain. He finally decided to create something himself and tested it for about an year, before sharing it with the entire world via Kickstarter.

Firstly, the alarm clock has no snooze button, making sure that you get your ass out of the bed.

Secondly the code that appears on the clock has to be memorized till you reach the defuse panel, making sure that your mind starts working.

Thirdly, you can't unplug the clock, it has a back-up battery that will make sure that the alarm keeps buzzing until you actually wake up. Therefore, the only way to make that annoying noise stop, is by walking all the way to the defuse panel.

And if you don't wake up in spite of all this, then you might as well forget about buying any alarm clock at all. Nothing can work for you!

What we liked the most about Ramos is that it caters to the tiniest details that might deter you from waking up on time. Here are some of its notable features:

Snooze Mode: Honestly, there should be no place for a snooze button in an alarm clock, nevertheless, for those of us who absolutely can't do without it, can choose the number of snoozes they want. But once you run out of them, there is no way that you will be allowed to snooze "for one last time."

Lockdown: Now, there are some of us who think that we can always outsmart an alarm clock. Many of you must have already thought that the loophole here is that one can wake up a little early, reset the time and get some few more minutes of sleep. Well, 30 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, it goes into a lockdown mode, making sure you don't change the time at the last minute. If you genuinely beat your alarm clock and wake up early, then all you need to do is go to the defuse panel  and 'pre-deactivate' the clock.

Courtesy Mode: If you don't wanna wake your roommate, your significant other or your family members, then you can enable the courtesy mode in which the alarm will go off for 10 seconds. You will have only a minute to defuse it using the code, otherwise it will blast off again after a minute.

Visit the website or Ramos' Kickstarter page to learn more about this innovative alarm clock.

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    That. Is. Awesome.

    Unfortunately, I don't think it'll work for my husband, UGH! He sleeps through all alarms, no amount of noise will wake him up, sigh.


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