Those who visit E-junkie.info regularly, are very well aware of our inclination towards unique sculptures, installations and murals created from some of the most unusually bizarre materials. Our list of creatively unusual art is endless, and today we would like to share another such project by a Cuban artist - Yoan Capote.

He has created a beautiful mural with an aura of tranquility, but when you look at it closely, you are introduced to its aggressive personality. When you get a little more closer, you start to notice fishhooks and nails, making this mural a fascinating piece of art.

Capote has brought together 500,000 fishhooks and transformed them into a 26 ft wide work-of-art. It took him 6 months and 30 assistants to create this artwork. When asked 'why fishhooks?', here's what he had to say, "I decided to use fishhooks in this series because I wanted to create a tension between beauty and seduction and danger and entrapment."

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